Natural Way To Manage The Allergy Problem

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Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda:

Winters are approaching and, in this season, we require good immunity to fight diseases and stay strong as well as to fight infections in order to stay healthy. A bad nose or throat can ruin your mood to work, study and even sleep. Lying restlessly for hours and then dozing off can be troublesome too. Who wants to sleep the whole day, not me for sure!! We all wish to have a productive and a progressive day. It starts when we are healthy enough to fight those bad bacteria that are all around us, I mean they literally don’t leave us for a second. How possessive!! Those tiny creatures are powerful enough to make you sick and even kill you at times. They are omnipresent, from your mobile phones to your laptops; to your clothes to almost everywhere. They keep us following and make us sick if we lose the battle of fighting an infection. In order to win the battle, we need to stay strong and tough. Allergies can be not so easy to handle for sure but natural Ayurvedic Allergy treatment effectively can manage this condition. But before that let us go through exactly, what are allergies and why are we prone to some of them while others are not.
Allergy is a response of our body when a foreign entity comes in contact with us, and our immune system reacts abnormally to the substance.
These allergies can be due to some food we eat, even coming in contact with some substances like weed or can be due to the air we breathe.
Our body is very intelligent and it pretty well recognizes harmful as well as non-harmful substances and it produces a quick response as soon as we come in contact with something which is not considered good for us and which is typically to remove that substance out of our body and reduce the toxicity.
Allergies can be different. Some people are allergic to pollen, some are allergic to mushroom, and some are allergic to cashews and what not!! The list is obviously too long, and these allergies can be serious as well if not taken care of.
According to the studies, cancer and allergies have some relation as well. It is advised not to consume substances that cause allergies to you. Refrain from them and stay healthy.
Ayurveda believes that some causes of allergies can be genetic as well, weak digestive system or inability to maintain the balance among Tridoshas which is also termed as ‘Vykruti’. Also, the presence of undigested food can be toxic to your body and thus, interfere with the various processes in the body, ultimately disturbing the body and causing harm to the body. Hence, Ayurvedic allergy treatment is based on eliminating the toxic substances from the body.

Here are some Ayurvedic Approaches to Fight Allergies:

  • Twice a day gargle with a weak saline solution and distilled water, to loosen up the solidity of accumulated ‘Kapha’ (or earth and water energy) in the sinuses. This also helps to clear out the allergens that may be stuck to the mucus membranes.
  • Practice deep breathing techniques daily. Try to start the day with yoga asanas such as breathing exercises at least for 15 minutes. These surely can help us to relax our minds and clear the channels. Early morning yoga can help your body to circulate the blood well and makes you strong indeed.
  • Take the Ayurvedic magical herbal compound known as ‘Trikatu’, a combination of black pepper, long pepper, and ginger crushed together to make a paste, before meals to enhance the Agni (digestive fire). Also, you can add honey to it to make it taste better. It is an effective Ayurvedic Allergy treatment.
  • Avoid drinking or eating cold, fried foods and iced drinks, including dairy, wheat, meat, sugar, processed foods, fast foods, as they can slow down the digestion and dampen the Agni. Weak digestion is a big problem and is mostly the cause of all diseases.
  • Adapt a ‘Kapha’ -reducing diet: Eat moderate, light, natural, safe to eat foods that are effortless to assimilate. Focus on fresh, whole foods, vegetables and fruits. Prepare steamed vegetables or sauté with a little bit of ghee (clarified butter) or olive oil to calm the mucus membranes.
  • allergy treatment in ayurvedaUse hot spices like ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, cumin, and cayenne in your food. These are naturally fine substances to heal the throat and the esophagus from within.
  • Drink ginger tea throughout the day, as it sparks digestive fire and heals your body as well.
  • Take ‘Triphala’ tablets at night to get rid of the toxins which can accumulate in your body and cause the digestion to slow down. The Ayurvedic trio of ‘Amalaki’, ‘Haritaki’, and ‘Bibhitaki’ fruits works to purify and support your system. It is a simple and highly beneficial allergy treatment.
  • Exercise daily, even fifteen to thirty minutes or so, to help stimulate Agni and eliminate Ama. Exercise includes a daily walk, a short dance or somebody movements to eliminate the toxins by sweating out the dirt. It is important to sweat out on a regular basis to look young and make your body tough enough to fight infections and diseases.
  • Drinking green tea is also a good habit. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and these are very beneficial to eliminate the toxins from your body.
  • Honey, naturally sweet ingredient is also very therapeutic if you have a sore throat. Take some honey and warm water two to three times a day. Moreover, honey has Lekhana karma, the property that scrapes out the accumulated toxins, hence beneficial.
  • Coriander is the cooling herb; it detoxifies you from within so if you have some allergies then consuming coriander can help a lot. If you follow this naturally allergy treatment, its effects will be last long.
  • Removing dairy products from your diet can be of great help as well. Our body is not well adapted to the dairy and intolerances of dairy products produce allergies as well.


Some Basic Regular Habits can help us to Manage our Allergies:

natural allergy treatment

  • Drink boiled water instead of normal water. Boiling water is free from contamination.
  • Avoid eating street foods, which are full of dirt and germs due to numerous pollutants prevailing in our air.
  • Make sure you don’t touch unnecessary items such as weeds or wild plants which can cause rashes.
  • Fungal infections are common, if you have locked cupboards, make sure you allow air to flow in them regularly or fungus would grow and destroy all of your clothes and ruin your health as well when you wear those fungus occupied clothes or bed sheets. And change your bedsheets, towels and clothes daily to avoid bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Make sure you don’t eat bread, fermented foods or any foods which are expired.
  • Prepare fresh foods and try to consume them in a day. And also don’t store food for long and then consume them without even heating, it will deteriorate your health
  • Thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables before cooking.
  • Use air purifies in your house to purify the air that comes in.

There are enormous techniques to cure yourself if you have allergies with natural allergy treatment.

Adding some high-quality herbs and ingredients can be so useful and prove beneficial for your health and overall goodness.

It is also important to check yourself up for the allergies if any and then medicate accordingly or restrain from those allergens. Finding out the allergens is the first step and then comes the healing. Having high fiber and rich nutrients diet is the crucial step and the only step towards reaching superior health, also the exercises to regulate proper blood flow and breathing is another aspect of good health. It is the total sum of all these little acts which do daily. Avoiding good health goods can ruin your mental peace as well and you won’t find yourself productive and can cause depression and stress. Why let these dangerous psychological issues harm you, fight them today!!

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