Arjun Capsule Review: Is This The Best Supplement for Heart?

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Life has become hectic in this modern era with each one of you racing against time. In order to stay ahead in such stiff competition, it is necessary that you look after your own health.

One of the biggest areas of concern is your heart. One wrong step and you may suffer from serious coronary diseases, such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. This is where Ayurvedic Arjun Capsule comes into the picture.

Ayurveda is being practiced in India for ages. This ancient medical science has suitable solutions for most of the serious health diseases that can limit your freedom to a great extent.

There are several herbs that are used in Ayurveda to treat various types of ailments. However, it is not necessary that one herb will work like a charm for all types of health diseases.

What is Arjun?

Amongst the several strong herbs that are used in Ayurveda, one common name is Terminalia Arjuna. It is a medicinal tree that grows to around 20 to 25 meters in height. The tree has a buttressed trunk that grows up to form a canopy at the top.

The leaves of the tree are oblong and conical. These leaves are green at the top but brown below. The bark of the Terminalia Arjuna tree is smooth and grey in color with the flowers being pale yellow.

These flowers appear between the months of March and June. It is the bark of this tree that has medicinal properties and used in Ayurveda.

The fruit of this tree grows to 2.5cm to 5cm and has a fibrous woody structure. It is divided into five separate wings and is normally found between September and November.

Although the Terminalia Arjuna Tree is immune to most of the major pests and diseases, it is somewhat susceptible to Phyllactinia terminale and may also rot due to polystictus affinis.

Habitat of the Tree

Terminalia Arjun tree is mostly found across the Indian subcontinent. It is seen near dry river beds or river banks in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, and West Bengal. It is also common in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Due to the rapidly growing popularity of the tree, Terminalia Arjun has also been planted in other countries, such as Indonesia, Lenya, and Malaysia.

Ayurvedic Use of Terminalia Arjuna

Saint Agastiyar was the person who introduced Terminalia Arjun into Siddha with the help of his prose Gunavakatam. However, the medicinal properties of the bark of this tree were introduced by Vagbhata in Ayurveda.

Terminalia Arjun has several uses in Ayurveda. It is mostly used to treat the disorders of the heart and the various blood vessels. This includes cardiovascular diseases, such as various forms of heart diseases that may be related to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and chest pain.

The medicinal properties of Terminalia Arjun are also used as a “water pill” and for treating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) dysentery, ear-aches, and urinary tract diseases.

Arjun helps to detoxify the blood due to its astringent effect. It also helps to heal ulcerations and wounds. Urinary infections also get cleansed due to their general cleaning effect.

For a female, Terminalia Arjun helps to support the uterus and also helps to regulate the hormone cycle. It is administered in most hormonal imbalance situations, cysts, fibroids, and even endometriosis. Arjun also shows its magic when it comes to arresting heavy menstrual bleeding.

Arjun is also rather popular for its ability to control high levels of cholesterol in your blood. It proves to be good for those of you who have atherosclerosis. It is a disease in which cholesterol blocks the arteries at one or several points.

Arjun Capsule

All the medicinal properties of the Terminalia Arjun tree is packed in Arjun capsules that are used in Ayurveda. The bark of the tree is used to get the extracts that are packed in this capsule.

Arjun capsule may prove to be an effective solution against heart blockage, palpitations, high cholesterol, blood pressure control, and several other issues related to the cardiac system.

Effectiveness of Arjun Capsule

Most of you may wonder whether the Arjun capsule will prove to be as effective as the bark of the Terminalia Arjun itself. Arjun capsule may prove to be more effective than the actual bark of the tree since the pill is made with the extracts of the tree.

Experts make the extracts carefully from the bark and anything that is of least importance is rejected. In other words, all the real goodness of the Terminalia Arjun bark is there in an Arjun capsule.

These capsules also contain the goodness of the bark in a certain amount. If you try to get the same amount of goodness from the tree, you will have to consume a good portion of the bark at a time.

Thus, the same goodness in the form of a capsule ensures that you get the same amount of Arjun in your body every time you consume a pill.


  • No adverse effect found in clinical trials
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Lacks any synthetic colors, artificial flavors, and chemicals
  • Efficacy of Arjun capsules tested and proved in numerous clinical trials


  • Some health claims of Arjun not yet fully confirmed
  • It may be unsafe to consume Arjun during pregnancy

As far as the dosage of Arjun capsule is concerned, it is recommended to have 1 or 2 capsules twice a day with water. Nonetheless, the dosage directed by a physician is always recommended.

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