Ayurvedic Medicines for Frozen Shoulder

frozen shoulder treatment

Forzen Shoulder Treatment is otherwise called Painful Arc Syndrome and also known as Adhesive causalities and Periarthritis. Frozen Shoulder is a condition which influences the shoulder joint and fortunately frozen shoulder treatment in ayurveda exists. Shoulder joint is a ball and attachment joint, the joint container that encompasses the shoulder joint gets to be contracted and shape grips of scar tissue in this condition. This can create pain, weakness and effect the movement at the shoulders and solution for this pain is frozen treatment in ayurveda. Normally it occurs on any one side of shoulder. In very rare cases it spreads to the both shoulders.

frozen shoulder treatmentCauses:

Solidified shoulder happens when the sleeve that encompasses the shoulder joint, known as the case, gets to be swollen and thickened. It’s indistinct why this happens. The shoulder is a ball and attachment joint. The end of your upper arm bone (humerus) sits in contact with the attachment of your shoulder bone. The shoulder case is completely extended when you raise your arm over your head and hangs down as a little pocket when your arm is brought down. In solidified shoulder, groups of scar tissue structure inside the shoulder container, making it thicken, swell and fix. This implies there is less space for your upper arm bone in the joint, which constrains developments.

Sign and Symptoms:

  • Pain, Weakness and progressive limitation of movement
  • Grinding or popping sensation amid development of shoulder.
  • Range of movement will be decreased.
  • Numbness and shivering of hands and fingers.

Phases of Frozen Shoulder:

  • Freezing Stage – Most excruciating stage; developments are limited for 2-3 months.
  • Frozen Stage – Pain diminishes; firmness increment for 1 month
  • Throwing Stage – Degeneration begins.

Ayurvedic Frozen Shoulder Treatment:

We at Deep Ayurveda provides an effective solution for such ailment. We use Panchkarma Therapy for frozen shoulder treatment along with medication to get rid of daily uneasiness caused due to frozen shoulder.

Panchkarma treatments are:

  • Abhyngam – Full Body Massage with medicated oil.
  • Patar Potli Massage with herbal leaves processed in special kind of medicated oil to gives strength to the muscle and improves the movement of shoulder joint.
  • Nasyam – A potent therapy procedure to balance the tridoshas and also known to be a strong  rejuvenating treatment.

Note: Above treatment will be done for 7, 14 or 21 days depending on the condition of patient.

Along with panchkarma therapy patient also have to take ayurvedic medicine for at least 4-6 Months which are specially formulated by Deep Ayurveda.

Patient also have to follow some exercises, recommended by the therapist during treatment.

Statutory Warning:

We never promote self medication as it can be very harmful. Always take medicines under the strict supervision of Ayurvedic Consultant.