Ayurvedic Management of Arthritis

Herbal Treatment for Arthritis


Herbal Treatment for Arthritis – Introduction: Arthritis is a term used to describe any disorder that affects joints. A joint is termed as an area where two bones meet. Inflammation or degeneration of one or more joints is called Arthritis and this condition affects around 15% of people i.e. over 180 million people in India. But with the Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis, this condition can be managed working on its root cause and also prevent reoccurrence.

It occurs in different forms, but the most common and frequent is being Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis: It is a degenerative disorder that usually occurs in the older age-group and mainly affects the knee joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis: It is a serious and chronic disease that affects not only the joints of the knees, hips, wrists, fingers, but also the tendons, muscles, and other tissues of the body.

Causes of Arthritis:

In our joints, there is a Cartilage it is infirm but flexible connective tissue. Its main works are to protect the joints by absorbing the pressure and shock created by you. But, when there is a reduction of cartilage tissue, it causes Arthritis.

Later on, Cartilage cushions allow nearly frictionless joint motion, but enough damage can result in bone grinding, which causes pain and restricted movement. This wear and tear can occur over many years, or it can also be caused by joint injury or infection.

Risk Factors of Arthritis:

Every individual can effect from arthritis if they adopt the wrong diet and lifestyle, but some conditions are more prone, which of them are:

Age:  Increase in age, the risk of many types of arthritis including gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis also increases.

Obesity: People with obesity have a higher risk of developing arthritis because they put excess pounds or weight on joints, particularly on the knees, hips, and spine.

Previous joint injury:  People who had injured a joint previously are more likely to develop arthritis.

Sex: It was noticed that women are more likely than men to develop rheumatoid arthritis, while in men, gout is the most common type of arthritis.

Family history: Some types of arthritis run in families, those people whose parents, siblings suffering from any type of arthritis is at great risk. Because in that case, the gene can make you more susceptible to environmental factors that may trigger arthritis.

Smoking: Those persons who are addicted to smoking, have more chances to develop arthritis because it is linked to the progression and severity of arthritis. Continuous intake of Nicotine decreases blood flow to bones, tissues, and results in the weakness of joints and increased possibility of suffering from arthritis.

Occupation: Certain occupations that involve repetitive squatting and knee bending are associated with osteoarthritis of hip and knee joints.

Infection: Various microbial agents can infect the joints and potentially cause the development of various types of arthritis.

Types of Arthritis:

Common types of arthritis are:

  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Gout
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Reactive arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Thumb arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Juvenile arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis:

Arthritis is a long-term and chronic disease which includes various symptoms, such as:

  • Stiffness, tenderness in joints
  • Whole-body fatigue or malaise
  • Bony outgrowth in fingers or toes
  • Intermittent or sharp pain
  • Decreased range of motion, difficulty in walking, standing, sitting muscle weakness
  • Redness, swelling in joints
  • Physical deformity, etc.

 Ayurvedic Point of View:

According to the Ayurveda, almost all the diseases are formed due to Ama (undigested food). Ama is defined as the immature nutritional essence formed in the stomach due to improper digestion (agnimandhya and ajeerna) and further these essences go into circulation in an unprocessed and immature form. Hence, it is immature in nature, the tissues can take it but cannot metabolize properly due to lack of identification.

Therefore, the undigested food stored in the cells and can’t be flushed out of the body. Ama is sticky in nature and blocks all the channels in the body. This will result in the imbalance of the Vata and other Doshas, and it depletes the nutrition and essential materials to the tissues and organs. As a result, there is multiple tissue damage and a wide range of diseases is manifested.

If a person wants permanent cure of this disease, the best and effective way is to adopt Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis, because the herbs can eliminate the excess amount of toxins from the whole body and maintain the proper functioning of all the organs.

Pathogenesis According to The Ayurveda:

When there is an obstruction in the channels, Vata is not able to move all over the body and gets accumulated in a particular area. Ama gets deposition in joints, joins with the Vata dosha, and causes pain, stiffness, tenderness, etc., in relation to joints.

The ama on further vitiation by Vata and Kapha enters the circulation and later gets associated with Pitta. This gives the combination of corrosive nature and tends to destroy the tissue and organ with which they come into contact. The vitiated Ama and Vata get accumulated in various joints, mainly in the low back pain, pelvis, and hips, and cause stiffness of the body along with severe pain.

Causes According to The Ayurveda:

According to the concept of Ayurveda, the following causes are responsible:

  • Mutually incompatible foods (viruddha ahara)
  • Unwholesome lifestyle practices (viruddha chesta)
  • Having a low metabolism and sluggish digestion for a longer period
  • Sedentary life activities
  • Consuming unctuous, oily, and high caloric food.

Symptoms According to The Ayurveda:

Initially, the symptoms appear like indigestion, loss of appetite, etc., but later on the worst symptoms appear, like:

  • Person suffers from general body ache (angamarda)
  • Anorexia, tastelessness (aruchi)
  • Fever (jwara)
  • Weakness (daurbalya)
  • Lethargy (alasya)
  • Swelling of the joints (shunata)
  • Heaviness of the body (gauravatta)
  • Joint pain particularly in hands, foot, head and neck region, ankle, knee, etc.

Herbal Treatment for Arthritis:

A person can also apply the home remedies along with the Herbal Treatment for Arthritis to get rid of pain, swelling, tenderness, etc. These remedies are easily available and can be used by every individual.

GingerGinger: In Ayurveda, ginger is well-known for its antiseptic properties that help in providing relief from pain and swelling. Hence, it also helps to increase blood circulation, which brings heat and healing properties to the affected area.

How to use: A person who suffers from redness, swelling, tenderness in joints will drink a cup of ginger tea daily, or apply the ginger paste over the joints and wash it off after lukewarm water.

CuminAjwain: Ajwain is a natural aid in proving relief from the symptoms of arthritis due to the presence of anti-inflammatory components. It helps in the reduction of swelling, redness, pain, and other symptoms.

How to use: Add a teaspoonful of ajwain in a tub of hot water and soak your aching or affected joints in the water for 10-15 minutes.

Another way is to crush the seeds and add small water of water to make a paste. Apply it on the affected areas to alleviate the pain.

Nirgundi: Nirgundi contains anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsing, anti-oxidant properties that help the joints in many ways. It is widely used in reducing pain, swelling, tenderness, etc.

How to use: You can use the Nirgundi oil and can apply in the night, or make a thin paste of the leaves and apply over the affected areas.

Diet and Lifestyle Modifications for Arthritis:

Modifications in the diet and daily lifestyle are very important to overcome the symptoms and maintain equilibrium within a body. Every individual should adopt good and healthy diets, reduces their mental stress, and adopt Herbal Treatment for Arthritis to manage such a problem of its root cause.

Some of the modifications in the diet and lifestyle are given below:

  • Healthy diet: Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and stick to low–fat, low-calorie foods. Eat a well-balanced diet that includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.
  • Exercise: Do some normal exercises and yoga for about 30-40 minutes.
  • Manage your weight: Obese people are more prone to suffer various symptoms of arthritis, even a few extra pounds can worsen arthritis pain and tenderness. So, it is very important to keep your body weight on a track.
  • Avoid Alcohol and other addiction: The harmful chemicals present in these types of products worsen the symptoms and make the condition more severe. It’s better to eliminate such harmful things from your life.
  • Foods that contain a high amount of omega-3 fats are shown in the reduction of inflammation and other symptoms of arthritis. Increase the intake of walnuts, margarine, eggs, flaxseed oil, oily fish such as sardines and salmon.
  • Drink plenty of water and other useful juices regularly.
  • Include adequate dietary calcium to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis:

Herbal Treatment for Arthritis – Ayurveda consists of various anti-inflammatory, analgesics, anti-oxidant herbs and some are clearly mentioned in the Ayurveda texts that can relieve any kind of joint pain. The herbs used for the management of joints are mainly Vata-Kapha pacifiers. They eliminate the excess amount of toxins from the body and therefore reduce swelling, pain, tenderness, etc., and helps in proper circulation of the blood.

For the best, natural, and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Arthritis, DEEP AYURVEDA provides you 100% extract-based medicines that are free from adulteration, chemicals, and any kind of preservative. The name of the package is Arthritis Treatment, and is composed of a total of 6 products named Arthro herbal capsules, Livclear capsules, Virog tablet, Singnad guggal, Shallaki capsules, and Arthro oil. Each product is formulated by the team of experienced Doctors and according to the Ayurvedic guidelines. The products are safe, natural, pure, clinically trialed, and tested products.

Brief detail of the Medicines is Given Below:

SHALLAKI.jpgShallaki Capsules:

It is well known to keep the joints strong and relieve from any kind of pain and widely used by Ayurvedic Physicians all over the world. Shallaki works as an excellent substitute for modern-day pain killers. The herb is also free from sugar, colors, chemicals, or any unhealthy composition.

Joint Pain ReliefArthro Oil:

The oil is composed of different natural herbs that provide quick relief from body ache, joint pain, muscular pain, etc. The oil is made up of devdaru, arandmool, ark, ashwagandha, vasa, jatamansi, etc. that acts as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, etc. Additionally, the oil can also be used in a case of fractures, joint dislocation and the best Herbal Treatment for Arthritis.

Virog Tridosha Balance TabletVirog Tablets:

It is very important to expel out the excess toxins from the body, Virog tablet works wonderfully in that condition. It helps in maintaining the proper metabolism and balances all the aggravated doshas.

Liver DisordersLivclear Herbal Capsules:

Livclear capsule is a multi-functional medicine that works as hepatoprotective, reduced inflammation, improves liver function, restores liver function, and improves digestion, and helps in maintaining proper health. The capsule is composed of different herbs like giloy, neem, kaaani, kal megh, punarnava, etc., which shows wonderful effects in managing arthritis.

Singhnad GuggulSingnad Guggal:

This medicine is widely used to manage Vata disorders. It has purgative action, which helps in detoxification of the body and increases toxin elimination. Singnad guggal is widely used to manage joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and other associated symptoms of arthritis.

ARTHRO.jpgArthro Herbal Capsule:

This capsule is a herbal treatment for arthritis made to manage all types of arthritis (Herbal Treatment for Arthritis). It helps in reducing inflammation, swelling, redness, tenderness, and other symptoms. Additionally, it provides strength to the bones and muscles. It is made up of methi, hadjod, ashwagandha, punarnava, shunthi, etc., which manages arthritis naturally.

Nowadays, due to a hectic lifestyle, continuous sitting or standing job, our wrong eating diet, and lifestyle habits, generally people suffer from knee pain, back pain, neck pain, etc. And to reduce the pain and other symptoms, people generally take (Herbal Treatment for Arthritis) pain killers, corticosteroids medicines, high doses of injections, apply various balms and oils but they provide relief for a short while only when the effect of the chemical is over in the body, the pain, stiffness, inflammation again reoccur, and long use of chemical-based medicines result into various side-effects also such as dizziness, overweight, loss of appetite, sleep problem, hormonal changes, etc.

It is better to quit the allopathic medicines and take a natural and healthy treat with the Herbal Treatment for Arthritis that eliminates excess amounts of the toxins from the whole body and improve the secretions, balance the hormones and doshas, provide strength to the muscles, nerves, joints, bones, and prevent reoccurrence of the diseases.


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