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Have you wondered why your grandparents look so good till now? Blemishes free skin, thick and strong hair, good immune system and glowing always like they consume a highlighter in their meals. Of course, they didn’t eat highlighter-but something miraculous which makes them look so good even now and that’s the amazing naturally available ingredient in abundance known as NEEM and Know Neem Benefits.

Neem is also known as Indian lilac, used since ancient times to purify the body inside out. It has wonderful properties to detoxify, which makes it one of the best natural ingredients. It is available in abundance and has been exploited since ancient times. It is a tree in general, but the bark, leaves as well as the seeds of neem are used to prepare medicines, sometimes even flowers and fruits are also added to the preparation.

Neem leaf can be used for curing various diseases, from purifying your blood to enhancing your appetite. Neem has amazing properties. It is also used to heal various other disorders like eye disorders, skin troubles in particular and diabetes even. Neem can also treat problems like intestinal ulcers, upset stomach, and intestinal worms as well. Curing several diseases, these little neem leaves are no less than magicians. Cough, bloody nose, wounds, malaria can also be treated. Leprosy which affects around 58% of the Indian population can be treated with neem as well. Neem was also used as a birth control measure, as an insecticide to protect crops in the past. For tooth decays, neem is the best solution. People often chew neem instead of brushing their teeth and they have healthy teeth indeed.

Neem was considered to be one of the best medicines in ancient times and from external treatments to internal cures, neem was exploited completely. For even severe wounds, neem was applied, neem benefits and it helped a lot.

neem benefits and uses

The seeds and even the seed oil of neem are used. Dried seeds are crushed and used in various industries from food to beauty, neem has no limitations. Even the shampoos have neem in them to help fight infections such as head lice. The face washes have neem in them to help your skin deal with those bacterial infections which cause various skin problems. Neem is almost present everywhere, every skincare brand exploits neem completely to prepare products which can deal with the skin problems. Skin is the largest organ in our body, having healthy skin is the goal and the beauty industry very well understands the fact that healthier skin is the ultimate target for them because only then they can have happy customers who will buy their products regularly. But the beauty industry often forgets the fact that chemical replacements of neem can be hard for some people and they can develop irritated skin.

It’s purely the neem leaves that should be used and that’s the reason people are switching to Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicines and products to conquer their skin problems. Ayurveda is 100% natural and with almost zero side effects. Ayurveda uses raw neem as such and cures various diseases. Ayurveda knows the secret of the natural ingredients available to us. Turn to Ayurveda if you believe you have skin problems that aren’t leaving you. You need to eradicate them completely and it can happen only if you start understanding the fact that your body is sensitive and those harsh chemicals can destroy your natural beauty.

Neem is anti-bacterial and it is the only hope for those who have blemishes and acne-like hell. Skin problems like acne, pimples, ulcers and much more can be treated by externally applying neem on the spots or otherwise consuming neem in the raw form can also help. Neem can be consumed in various ways like crushing few leaves and then adding honey and consuming all of this with warm water. You can even eat raw leaves raw with cold water. Also, you can boil neem leaves in water and then drink that decoction. Neem water can be used to wash your face and body. Also, hair wash can be done with neem.


There are numerous ways to get neem benefits, you can always find new ways as per your suitability.

neem benefits and medicinal uses

Neem can help you reduce the blood sugar levels, prevent bacterial infections and fight blood disorders. Neem has a chemical compound in it called Azadirachtin, which belongs to the limonoid group. Neem is safe for use; it can be given to almost anyone. For wound infections, neem can be applied externally to the kids as well and adults can consume it raw.

And an excess of everything is bad, don’t consume large doses or apply for long periods. Usage should be low because results can be seen early. Infants should not be given the neem seed oil by mouth, it can be harmful to them. Also, neem can cause miscarriages; it is advised not to consume neem during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

For diabetic patients, obtain neem benefits through eating it and they can very well lower their blood sugar levels and improve their overall health. Neem medicines are very popular among western cultures as well; they are now being exploited to prepare medications for cancer, reproductive disorders and much more.

Neem plant has brilliant properties; it can help you in almost everything. It can be kept in the houses as well to protect us from mosquitoes. Neem has enormous applications. Neem capsules are even available in the market these days. Neem capsules are prepared by extracting the active principles from fresh neem leaves or stems and then entrapping them in a capsule them.



Here is the list of excellent neem benefits and which can be of great use.

  • To help you get a glowing skin. A healthy face is all we need to look beautiful naturally. Don’t spend so much on buying those makeup products rather go for natural healing.
  • It can help you to tackle dandruff. Dandruff can make you feel low, when you will see all those white particles around your neck and shoulder, your confidence goes down. Try neem-based shampoos and conditioners.
  • To help you get rid of acne and pimples. Those anti-microbial properties neem has within makes it unique and excellent as well to help you get rid of acne and pimples which are the result of all the bacteria that grow on your face and body.
  • To make skin, free from toxins and blemishes. Toxins can degrade the way your skin looks and can make you look much old. Those dark red blemishes can completely make you feel gross. You can always try neem-based face packs, face washes and even face cleansers.
  • To improve skin texture, closing the open pores. Skin texture improves when the pores are closed. Since then nothing is entrapped in them and face ultimately glows.
  • To improve the overall health of your scalp. A healthy scalp means healthy hair and ultimately a gorgeous look.
  • To stop the hair loss and make your hair stronger.
  • To eliminate lice from your head. Head lice mean an itching scalp and that can be really tough to handle.
  • To strengthen your weak immunity. A powerful immune system means well-built health.
  • To heal the cardiovascular problems as a healthy heart is a goal, neem is beneficial.
  • To keep a check on diabetes. Neem can help you lower blood sugar levels.

For aroma as well as Neem has a great aroma.

Get neem benefits and you can always include neem in your daily routine cleaning. Whether it’s your body or your place, It can clean it all!

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