Anti – Cholesterol Treatment

Anti – Cholesterol Treatment

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Anti-Cholesterol pack is a complete herbal solution to all your cholesterol problems. Purely an herbal formulation & a natural way to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and rejuvenates the functioning.It is a 100% safe ayurvedic formulation developed after lengthy clinical research and trials.​


Cholesterol is a type of Fat called as lipid made by the human body and also found in some foods.Cholesterol is good for a healthy body and found in every cell of the body and forms outer parts of the membrane. Cholesterol is essential for the body to make hormones and vitamin D, it is also needed to make bile acid that is helpful to digest the food which we eat. Although Cholesterol is vital for the human body, higher levels of cholesterol prove to be harmful.

Causes of high Cholesterol Levels:

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL): LDL or Bad cholesterol transports cholesterol particles throughout the body. LDL builds up in the walls of the arteries making them hard and narrow.

High-density lipoprotein (HDL): HDL called as good cholesterol picks up the excess cholesterol and takes it back to the liver.

Other causes are


Unhealthy diet

Lack of physical exercise

Smoking and intake of drugs


Complications of High Cholesterol:

Chest Pain: When the arteries which supply blood to the heart are affected by high levels of cholesterol, they get hard and narrow from inside affecting the supply of blood, thus resulting in chest pain and other symptoms of coronary heart diseases.

Heart Attack: A tear or rupture due to plaque leads to builds up blood clot at the plaque rupture site, blocking the flow of the blood in the arteries or veins that carry blood. If the blood flow to the heart stops due a clot formation it can cause a heart attack.

Stroke: Stroke is a situation that is similar to a heart attack, but in stroke, blood supply to the brain is blocked due to the buildup of a clot in arteries carrying blood to the brain.

As per Ayurveda high cholesterol indicates weak digestive fire at the tissue level. Weak Digestion at the tissue levels leads to excess produce of waste toxins, which further block the channels in the body. High Cholesterol is a perfect example of body ‘s channels blocking due to toxins. Ayurvedic treatment of high cholesterol levels focuses towards eliminating the toxins from the channels of the body and restoring the digestive fire.

At DEEP AYURVEDA we provide the best herbal treatment for High Cholesterol in a natural way without any side effects. Our Medical Expert Dr. Baldeep Kaur has developed 100% safe Ayurvedic Medicines to cure High Cholesterol problems after lengthy clinical trials and research works.

This Anti-Cholesterol Treatment package is for 15 days only , After 15 days our ayurveda expert will review the case and prescribe the further treatment accordingly.
Medicine Name Dosage After/Before Food
Livclear Herbal Capsules 2 capsules twice a day A/F
Virog Herbal Powder 3 to 5gm twice a day  A/F
OB Care Capsules 2 capsules twice a day A/F
Guggul Capsules 1 capsule twice a day A/F


Note: Instructions for Diet, Restrictions , method of use and precautions are mentioned on the packaging.

All Herbal medicines are 100 % safe as they do not contain any chemicals, steroids, do not have any side effects. All products and medicines are GMP Certified, and USFDA certified And Sponsored by the Govt. Of India (KVIC SPONSORED).

3 reviews for Anti – Cholesterol Treatment

  1. sanjeevani thakur

    Want to thank Deep Ayurveda ,as this medicine is very effective for cholestrol problem

  2. sachin sahay

    I consult to Dr. Baldeep Kaur,she suggest this medicine , i m having high cholestrol problem,very useful medicine

  3. kirpal singh

    Mujhe high cholesterol ka problem tha,ise medicine ka use karne se ab level pe hai

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