Panchkarma Training Course

 20,000.00  15,000.00 Flax seed

Duration- 10 Hours in 5 Days

Panchkarma training is beneficial for Ayurvedic lovers and for those who want to get profoundly skilled in the art of Panchkarma therapy. This Panchakarma course is an ultimate way to gain deep knowledge and experience about Panchakarma and Ayurveda treatment,

Key Highlights of Panchkarma Training Courses:

  • Understanding about all five therapies of Panchkarma
  • Understanding of different herbs and oil used in Panchkarma
  • Hand on Practical for each Panchkarma treatment.
  • Knowledge about preparing Ghrit for Vaman & Virechan
  • The technique to perform Abhyangam or Ayurvedic body Massage
  • Ways to do Potli or Bolus massage with herb powders and oils
  • Ways to do Shirodhara
  • Understanding about the medication usage in different panchkarma
Panchkarma Training Course

 20,000.00  15,000.00 Flax seed