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respiratory diseases

Have you ever visited a garden or even open area during stress & took a deep breath with close eyes? A simple inhalation gives you so much of relaxation & calmness & you feel refresh & happy most of the time. This is the power of nature. Natural or herbal treatment in any case is always better than taking the chemical based artificial medicines.
Especially, in breathing problems or respiratory diseases, Ayurvedic treatment serves its magical power by picking the root cause & then destroys it. It not just treats the existing problem but also balances the internal functioning & hormonal disturbance to avoid any other similar or related disorder in future.

Know About Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases:

respritory system - ayurvedic treatment for respiratory diseasesWe all living beings breathe air (oxygen) as it necessary for our living. But increasing air pollution has become a serious global concern. The air we breathe is full of impurities, dust particles & harmful gases.

This makes our body more prone to diseases caused by these impurities & that too very easily. Diseases of the lung and airways are few common cause of illness among children in developed countries and a leading cause of their death in children.

The whole system of breathing process is called respiratory system. In humans, the anatomical features of the respiratory system include airways, lungs, and the respiratory muscles. Molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide are silently exchanged between the external gaseous environment and the blood.

When we breathe, we inhale oxygen, Red blood cells collect that & carry it to all the body parts where it is required and then collect Carbon dioxide & transport it back to the lungs so that it can  leave the body when we exhale. This exchange of gases is the way our respiratory system gives oxygen to the blood.


A Person Face Many Kind of Breathing Problems Like:

  • Recurrent breathing problems
  • Painful cough
  • Harsh & shallow breathing
  • Chest tightness/congestion
  • Wheezing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy or wateryeyes
  • Labored breathing

Respiratory problems can be as minor as the common cold or as serious as pneumonia. They may affect the upper respiratory system (nose, mouth, throat, sinuses) or the lower bronchial tubes and lungs. Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases helps to overcome these problems


Respiratory Diseases Includes:

  • Chronic Bronchitis– Any irritant reaching the bronchi and bronchioles will stimulate an increased secretion of mucus which clogged the air passage resulting in a persistent cough.
  • Emphysema– The gas exchange area of lungs get reduced due to the breakdown of delicate walls of the alveoli. This condition develops slowly and is seldom a direct cause of death. Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases helps to overcome these problems.
  • Asthma– Periodic obstruction of the bronchi and bronchioles makes breathing more difficult.
  • Pneumonia– It is an alveoli infection caused by various bacteria and viruses. Tissue fluids get accumulated in the alveoli & reduce the surface area exposed to air. A patient may need supplemental oxygen in case enough alveoli get affected.

Causes of Respiratory Diseases:

  • Dietary habits – unbalanced food, fast food & untimely eating habits ultimately leads to indigestion & constipation type problems which in turn lowers the immunity power of the body & a person easily falls prey to the infections prevalent in the near environment. One should note that infections are the most common reason of breathing problems.
  • Lifestyle – as we have discussed that a healthy immune system is very much required to become safe from respiratory problems but present lifestyle of people is very disturbed. Late night sleeping, night shifts & too much stress are very common now- a -days. But this weakens the body immunity & increases the risk of allergies which ultimately converted to respiratory problems.
  • Obesity – Due to poor lifestyle & less physical activeness, obesity is very much prevalent in many people which also cause respiratory problems in many ways. It weakens the immunity, promotes many other diseases & obstructs smooth breathing which in turn causes breathing problems.
  • Smoking – Smoking is estimated to cause about two – third of all lung cancer deaths and half of chronic respiratory disease worldwide. So, one must try to avoid this habit as much as possible & if a person is already addicted to it, then he/she must try to avoid this habit.
  • Air pollution – It is one of the most important reasons behind most of the respiratory problems. The respiratory system is constantly exposed to microbes present in external gaseous environment due to the large surface area, which is why the respiratory system includes many arrangements to defend it and prevent pathogens (anything that causes a disease) from entering the body. But air pollution these days is too severe & our body immunity is also poor due to poor dietary habits & lifestyle which increases the risk of getting infections & allergies that causes breathing problems.
  • Anxiety – Anxiety is the activation of your fight or flight system, which pumps adrenaline (a substance released in the body during strong emotional feeling may be fear, anger or excitement) into your blood stream which cause your breathing to speed up as a result, which in turn causes some of the breathing issues.
    Anxiety can also cause you to think too much about your breathing, which makes you breathe inefficiently. This actually has many of the same effects as breathing quickly, but without necessarily speeding up each breath.
  • Stress – Stress clearly affects our thoughts and emotions, and can depress the neuro-hormonal immune system, resulting in an imbalance in the lungs. Have you ever noticed in the past that when you were experiencing a major stress in your life and felt unable to cope with it, at the same time you felt a constriction or heaviness in your lungs? People often develop a cough or lung infection at the time of taking stress.

Apart from above, there are many other causes of breathing problems. Some people have difficulty breathing when they get a cold. Others have trouble breathing because of occasional attacks of acute sinusitis. Sinusitis can make it difficult to breathe for a week or two until the inflammation subsides and the congested sinuses begin to drain. The nasal passage is a pathway for viruses and allergic substances to enter the lungs. So the nose and sinuses are often associated with lung disorders.


Treatment Generally Available in Market:

  • Allergy medicines such as antihistamines and decongestants can make it easier for some people to breathe. These medicines can be taken orally or through sprays.
  • Inhaled steroids may give relief to some people with chronic allergies and sinusitis as they reduce inflammation in the airways.
  • Allergy injections are yet another way to reduce sensitivity to allergens and may give relief for some breathing problems.

Often people only seek medical help after they have had breathing problems for weeks or months. By the time the medicines are started, damage has occurred that takes more time to heal.

An accurate diagnosis is important before you can treat and prevent breathing problems. Each of us is different. The specific medicine and treatment that works for a family member or friend may not be the correct one for you.



Symptoms of Asthma & other respiratory problems vary over time, and also differ in severity from one person to another. In case, it is not timely diagnosed & effectively treated, these problems often leads to hospitalization, missed work and school, less physical activeness, sleepless nights and even death in some cases.

You may have noticed that in a group of some people, just 2-3 people easily get affected by the cold, flu or other viral infection. It not happens by chance but because of two main reasons: either it is genetic or because of weak immune system. This thing is very crucial from the treatment point of view.

People who already knows that their genes are of such type or they are of Kapha Prakurti in the language of Ayurveda, then they must take precautions in advance to prevent themselves from getting infected by virus or flu. They must also try to make their immune system strong by using good herbs which are easily available at home like Haldi, Neem, Dalchini & Tulsi.

But it is not just for few people; even every one of us must take care of our strong immune system as its weakness is the root cause behind almost all the problems & not just respiratory issues. As winters get start, people should try to have light nutritional meals which are easily digestible & must increase the intake of above mentioned some easy available herbs which not just boosts the immune system but also useful to fight with various complications arise in winters like skin dryness, less physical activeness, digestion problems, swelling etc. Illness & Viral attack steals the body energy & freshness to a great extent. At that time, body rejuvenation is much required to restore the activeness of body & its organs.

Special herbs & Panchkarma therapies are very beneficial in rejuvenating the body. Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases helps to overcome these problems.
Respiratory problems are often treated with steroids that not just weaken the lungs if used for long duration but also have many side effects such as Dryness, viral infection, yeast infection, lowered immunity, rashes, thinning of bronchioles, psoriasis and many more.

Many respiratory problems occur due to increased secretion of mucus in the body. Various market available medicines just make it dry so that it cannot clog the nasal airways but this dry mucus get deposited inside the body only & don’t get out from it which creates problem in future as this small problem converted into serious one like Bronchitis etc.

Deep Ayurveda having the team of best doctors always focus on finding the basic cause of the problem which are related to digestion & lifestyle and curing them with Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases.

Various good herbs are provided to the patients in form of capsules, powders & syrups to boost the immunity system of the body and curing them with Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases & make it more defensive against infections & viral attack.

We have set our Ayurvedic clinic in Chandigarh with the aim of treating the Patients with the miraculous power of Ayurveda which not just manages the problem for a particular time but also treat it completely & in almost all the cases cure it 100%.

Medicines for Respiratory problems generally includes Anti – allergic, Analgesics, Expectorants (to remove cough), Anti – bacterial & Mucolytics (to extract mucus)

Deep Ayurveda provides all the above treatments but in the form of good herbs which have zero side effects as compared to the chemical medicines available in market which causes harm to the internal functioning of the body.


Ayurvedic Treatment of Respiratory Problems at Deep Ayurveda:

  • Anti – allergic – Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases Haldi, Neem & Guggul are some precious herbs provided to the patients in form of capsules & herbal formulations which not just fights with any kind of allergies but also cure the part which gets affected by that allergy.
  • Expectorant & Mucolytics – Breathing problems most often occurs due to the blockage created by excess mucus & cough. So, some herbs like Shirish, Anant mool, Bharangi, Dalchini, Tulsi, Piplee, Kanth Kari along with natural honey are very useful in this case. These herbs dissolve the mucus & phlegm stored inside the airways & throat & throws it away from the body so that they can’t cause any further problem.
  • Blood Purifier – the mucus & phlegm which get stored inside the respiratory organs & the impurities which enters the body through inhalation of polluted air or through smoking creates toxins inside the body which causes serious problems not just in form of breathing diseases but also to the other parts of the body as these toxic substances get mixed with the blood, make it impure & this impure blood leads to disastrous health problems. So, Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases is done through special herbs like Neem& Manjistha are provided to the patients to remove toxins from the body & kill the root cause of the problem.
  • Immunity booster & rejuvenating herbs – As we know that cold & cough makes us feel very tired, inactive & generates pain in the body. It also weakens the immune system by producing toxins. So, it is very essential to have something to strengthen the body immune system again. Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases considers this thing very seriously & uses various immune modulator herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha, Shilajit & Ginsing which does the internal healing of the body & refreshes it for active action.

Deep Ayurveda has following patent medicines which are very useful herbal formulations to cure the Respiratory Problems :

Following classical medicines are also very effective in solving breathing related issues:

  • Talishadi Churn
  • Sitopladi Churn
  • Kaphketu Ras
  • Kaphkuthar Ras
  • Laxmi vilas Ras

People should understand that the herbal treatment always take some time as it reaches till root cause & treat it but to make it a little faster & more effective , Deep Ayurveda has its Panchkarma treatments  available at its clinics located at various places in India which are very beneficial in chronic diseases & for body rejuvenation. We have already discussed the importance of body rejuvenation earlier in this article. Some of the Panchkarma therapies include:

  • Abhyangam (body massage)
  • Swedan (steam bath)
  • Nasyam
  • Dhoompan

For more detail or  advice on respiratory related treatment write to Dr. Baldeep Kour at drbaldeep@deepayurveda.com

Article Author: Dr. Baldeep Kour- Medical Director & Co-Founder of Deep Ayurevda & Editor in Chief of Ayurveda Magazine-  “AYURVEDA FOR HEALTHY LIVING”  one of the renowned ayurvedic doctor of India.

Statutory Warning: Self medication can be very dangerous. Always use ayurvedic medicine under the strict supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.


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  6. Mahesh Chittem says:

    Hello Dr. Kaur,

    Thank you for your post, it is really helpful to understand the respiratory diseases.
    My Dad is suffering from Severe COPD from past 9 to 10 years and on medication & home oxygen therapy from 7 years. His physical activity is gradually decreasing due to breathless ness, he is suffering from edyma now. I got to know from my doctor that COPD is not-curable we can only reduce the symptoms and slower the progression rate. Can you please help if it is curable in Ayurveda, if yes please help us to improve his health condition.

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    Hello Dr. Kaur,

    Thank you for your post, it is really helpful to understand the respiratory diseases.
    My Dad is suffering from Severe COPD from past 9 to 10 years and on medication & home oxygen therapy from 7 years. His physical activity is gradually decreasing due to breathless ness, he is suffering from edyma now. I got to know from my doctor that COPD is not-curable we can only reduce the symptoms and slower the progression rate. Can you please help if it is curable in Ayurveda, if yes please help us to improve his health condition.

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