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what is immunity

How to Boost Immunity Naturally & Ayurvedic Herb for Immune System?

What is Immunity: Immunity of an individual is defined as the ability of the body to defend itself against disease-causing organisms. In our daily life, our body comes in contact with several pathogens, but only a few results into diseases. This is because our body has the ability to release antibodies against these pathogens and protects the body against diseases. This defence mechanism is called immunity & Ayurveda helps to Boost Immunity Naturally. 

The work of the immune system is to protect the body from possibly harmful substances by recognising and responding to antigens and pathogens. Antigens are substances (usual proteins) that present on the surface of viruses, cells, fungi, or bacteria. And also, some of the chemicals, drugs, toxins, and foreign particles (such as a splinter) can also be antigens. Thus, the immune system recognizes and destroys, or tries to destroy, substances that contain antigens. We hope now you understand what is immunity, Further, let us explain the type of Immunity.

Types of Immunity – There are Mainly Two Types of Immunity:

  1. Innate immunity or natural immunity
  2. Acquired immunity or adaptive immunity

Innate Immunity:

This type of immunity is present in an organism by birth. This is activated immediately when the pathogen attacks. It includes certain barriers and defense mechanisms that keep foreign particles out of the body. This immunity helps us by providing the natural resistance components, including natural killer cells, salivary enzymes, intact skin, and neutrophils, etc. which produce an initial response against the infections at birth prior to exposure to an antigen. 

Cells involved in innate Immunity: Phagocytes, Macrophages, Basophils, Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Natural killer cells, and Dendritic cells. 

Acquired Immunity:

Acquired Immunity is the immunity that our body gains or acquired over time. The ability of the immune system is to adapt itself to disease and generate pathogen-specific immunity. This type of immunity acquires immediate after birth. Hence it is called as the acquired immunity. The main work of this type of immunity is to relieve the victim of the infectious disease, and also prevent its attack in the future.

Ayurvedic Concept of Immunity: In Ayurveda, Immunity is termed as ‘Vyadikshamathva’ The word Vyadhikshamathva is formed by two words Vyadi + Kshamathva :

  • Vyadhi means – Disease
  • Kshamathva means – Resistance

Hence, it is defined as the capacity of the body to resist the body.

Some Ayurvedic Acharyas has termed other names for immunity, they are : 

  • Vyadhi bala viroditvam – means the capacity of the body to fight against the manifested diseases.
  • Vyadhi utpadaka pradibandhakatvam – It describes that the capacity of the body to resist the pathogenic process of forming diseases.

In other words, Immunity in Ayurveda defines as the prevention of disease and quick recovery from disease.

A healthy immune system is represented by the physical, mental, and emotional, as well as the spiritual resilience of an individual. This resilience is a result of the purified essence of the Tridosha (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). 

Our immunity is related to the health of our tissues. The quintessence of all the tissues of the body is known as ‘Ojas’. Ojas is described as vital energy which prevades all cells, tissues, and spaces. It is if two types : 

  • Para Ojas : It exists in a quantity of eight drops and is located within the heart, when it decreases or loses, it leads to death.
  • Apara Ojas : It is distributed throughout the whole body. 
ayurvedic concept of immunity
three type of immunity

Types of Immunity in Ayurveda – It can be classified into 3 Types : 

  • Sahaja Bal (natural or congenital) – It comes from the parents. According to Ayurvedic theory on genetics, genetic factors are defined at the cellular level and entire cell is referred to as beeja; beeja bhaga is the nucleus, and avayava are the chromosomes. If genes of the parents are healthy, the same health is seen in the children, whereas if their genetic composition includes susceptibility to certain diseases, those diseases will also carried over the next generation.
  • Kalaja Bal (time, age, and season) It is inclusive of one’s time, day of week, and place of birth and their impact. Certain places have stronger and healthier environmental and climate conditions like, places with an abundant of ponds, water, pleasant climatic conditions. Kapha dominating areas are contributing to stronger immunity.
  • Yuktikruta Bal (acquired) – It represents acquired immunity.

Major Functions of Immunity (Vyadikshamathva):

  • Having a mind free of depression and anxiety (Harsh)
  • Improves health (Arogya anuvarthana)
  • Inhibits the effects of diseases (Vyadi bala vighatha)
  • Heals wound (Vrana ropana)
  • Preserves life (Prana anuvarthana)
  • Balances dosha (Dosha nigraha)

Seasonal Effects on Immunity:

According to the Ayurvedic concept, season from autumn to winter or winter to spring, tend to have a weakening effect on our immune system and body, and we become more susceptible to various infections. 

Our metabolic and digestive system functions vary in each season. As a result, during the transition between one season to another, our digestive fire (agni) can fluctuate, this can lead to incomplete digestion and build-up of partially digested food (ama) in our tissues. 

If we don’t adopt dietary and lifestyle changes and appropriate Ayurvedic seasonal guidelines, Ama became more toxic and effectively leads to the formation of various diseases. If our immune system is not that strong, our body becomes a fertile ground for harmful bacterias, allergens, and viruses. 

Factors that Promote Immunity: 

  • Excellence of the qualities of sperm and ovum of the parents
  • Birth in a country where people are naturally strong
  • Favorable season and time
  • Regular exercises
  • Excellent physical strength
  • Excellence of mind

ayurvedic herb for immune system

How We Can Increase Immunity in Ayurveda

A person can follow these guidelines in their daily lifestyle to maintain & to improve immunity:   

  • By maintaining tripodes of life – Food (ahara), Sleep (nindra), and Celibacy (brahmacharya)
  • Regular use of Rejuvenating therapies (rasayana), Aphrodisiacs (vajeekarana)
  • By adopting Ayurvedic guidelines regarding Seasonal regimen (ritucharya), Daily regimen (dincharya)
  • Maintaining proper digestive power. 
  • Regular use of Rasayana, it will help for promoting good health, and also rejuvenates the body.

Best Ayurvedic Herbs to Boost Immunity Naturally: 

  • Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) Tulsi herb is the best herb for immune system, It is also known as the queen of Ayurvedic herbs and is widely used in many medicinal properties. It contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that work wonder to fight against various infections. The herb treats any type of respiratory problems and also regulates the insulin levels.
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – Any kind of mental disturbance also leads to lowers the immune system, in that case, Ashwagandha plays an important role to provide strength to the nerves and treat various Vata Imbalance. It improves the body’s defense against disease by improving cell-mediated immunity. This herb possesses potent antioxidant properties that help to protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals.
  • Amla  (Emblica officinalis) – Vitamin C plays an important role in Boost Immunity Naturally. Amla is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs that contains a lot of vitamin C. Amla works well for detoxification and improves the functioning of liver, and other organs. It can fight against several harmful viruses and bacteria and protect the body from various infections. 
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica)- Neem is well-known for its antimicrobial properties, and blood purifier. Its active principles can fight against fungal infections in the body, and clear toxins and other impurities from blood leaving with a strengthened immune system. 
  • Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)- Cinnamon herb is one of the ideal ingredients that make Indian recipes tastier and also contains many medicinal properties. It helps your body to fight against many infections and repair tissue damage. Cinnamon have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects, that help lower the risk of disease. 
  • Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) – Giloy is also called “Amrita” and it is using worldwide for many medicinal purposes. Giloy help in removing toxins, purifies the blood, fights bacteria, and also cures liver diseases and urinary tract infections. 
  • Mulethi  (Glycyrrhiza glabra)- Regular use of mulethi helps the body to produce lymphocytes and macrophages that protect the body from pollutants, allergens, microbes, and cells that cause autoimmune diseases. 
  • Pippali (Piper longum)- Pippali is extremely effective for the treatment of various bacterial infections. It contains antiaging qualities, promotes the health of liver, kidney, spleen, and heart. 
  • Herbal Tea: Decoction or herbal tea of Tulsi (Basil), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Kalimirch (Black pepper), Shunthi (Dry Ginger) and Munakka are also very beneficial to improve the immunity naturally.

We can also understand the concern for a normal person that its become very difficult to get authentic and genuine ayurvedic medicines in today’s time. We can give you some of the best options to boost the immune system naturally and maintains good health. Our ayurveda expert team has identified some of the Ayurveda supplements which are formulated by renowned & authentic Ayurveda company ” Deep Ayurveda” after taken the references from the ancient text of ayurveda, and it can be used by any age of a person to Boost Immunity Naturally. These herbal immunity boosting supplements are prepared by using the best quality pure herbs extracts, and they are free from chemicals, preservatives, or any kind of additives. These are safe to use and free from any side effects. Here is the detail of the best  Ayurvedic Herb to Boost Immunity Naturally:

  • immunity booster syrupImmuno Plus Veg. Capsule – It is a unique blend of herbs those known as the best Ayurvedic Herb for Immune System. DA-Immuno enriched with the extract of giloy, curcumin, tulsi, amla and ashwagandha filled in the vegetarian capsule shell, that work wonder in Boost Immunity Naturally and protect the body from various bacterial & viral infections. The active principles of the herbs have been shown to boost the disease-fighting response of white cells in the body when they encounter harmful viruses. And also, the capsule maintains the body functions, so good that it prevents the body from secondary infections also.
  • Giloy Veg. Capsule – The capsule contains 100% extract of the Giloy and filled in 100% vegetarian capsule shell. It is well-known for its medicinal uses and work wonder in improving health, enhances memory, purifies the blood, acts as diuretic, anti-pyretic, cardiotonic, expectorant, etc. It also reduces the frequency of recurrent infections by increasing the defense mechanism due to its immunostimulatory properties. In Ayurveda it also called “Amrita or Guducchi” and known for Ayurvedic Herb to Boost Immunity Naturally.
  • Tulsi Veg. Capsule – Tulsi or holy basil is one of the best medicinal herbs on the planet. It acts as a natural immune booster and protects the body from harmful viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, etc. Tulsi capsule increases the T helper cells and natural killer cells activity. It is an adaptogenic herb that help to adapt the body to stress and boost energy. Ocimumosides A and B compounds are presented in the tulsi that balances the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. 
  • Amla Veg. Capsule – The health benefits of amla is known by every individual and its also known as best Ayurvedic Herb Boost Immunity Naturally. It is the richest source of vitamin C and widely used in boosting the immune power, slowing down aging, reducing blood sugar levels, improve heart health. Amla capsule effectively detoxifies the body by removing ama and other toxins and increase the absorption of essential nutrients through the intestine.
  • Curcumin Veg. Capsule – In researches, it was prove that even at lower doses, curcumin has shown that it can improve antibody responses. The herb contain anti-inflammatory properties and is a very strong antioxidant. Curcumin capsule boosts the functionality of a molecule called Cathelicdin. This component present in the immune system helps in the identification and eradication of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful fungal infections. 
  • Ayurvit Veg. Capsule – The herbal capsule is a composition of pure, natural herbs that contain a lot of nutrients along with antioxidants, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial compounds that help in increase in the response time of the immune system against various diseases and ailments. This herbal formulation is blended with the pure herbal extracts of Wheatgrass, alfalfa, amla, brahmi, giloy, Bala, Triphla & ashwagandha etc, It helps in boosting the immunity naturally and also relieves stress, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. It’s a complete herbal multivitamin which full fills the necessary nutrients in the body. 
  • Ashwagandha Capsule – Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb having multiple medicinal uses. It is used to provide numerous benefits to the body as well as brain. The herb has natural properties to regenerate the cells and provide stamina, power to the body to fight against various infections. 
  • Chawanprash : It is a well known immune booster since ancient time and helps the production of Hemoglobin and white blood cells in the body. Amla, the main ingredient in Chawanprash eliminate the bad toxins from the body and helpful to cleanses the blood, liver, spleen & the lungs. It enhances youthfulness and ability to repair and reverse aging.

Diet & Lifestyle modification recommended Measures:

Regular intake of warm water plays a very vital role to improve immunity for any individual and Regular use of spices like turmeric (Haldi), cumin (Jeera), garlic and coriander in your daily cooking.


Panchkarma Therapy to Boost Immunity Naturally:

boost immune systemNasya Therapy:

Nasya Karam- An Panchkarma therapy that includes instillation of oils through the nasal route. Nasya helps to lubricate the nasal passage, clean out mucous and sinuses. Nasyam helps to eliminate the toxins from body brain. Medicated oils & herbs used in Nasyam is very beneficial to Boost Immunity Naturally. This therapy is also very beenficial in congestion and to treats allergies & sinusitis. It also Relieves headaches & migraine. Steam inhalation with fresh herbs like mint leaves or Caraway seeds also very beneficial.


to boost immune system


Research has shown that regular oil massage Abhyanga therapy helps to boost immune system and remove toxins, increasing blood circulation throughout the body. Massage increases the activity of white blood cells that help our body fight diseases and may help with reduction of cortisol.

Self-massage with immunity-boosting medicated oils like Til (sesame) oil calms the nervous system and reduces stress, which can help to boost immune System.


Yoga & Meditation to boost Immune System:

Regular practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and meditation is also a very useful to improve the immunity

Statutory warning: Self-medication can be very dangerous. Always use ayurvedic medicine under the strict supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

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