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Opportunity for Ayurvedic Practitioners

Explore the Exclusive Ayurvedic Medicine and Supplement Opportunities for Practitioners

Are you an Ayurvedic practitioner or part of any healthcare system seeking genuine and effective Ayurvedic medicine, herbal products, and personal care items? Look no further!  We, Deep Ayurveda ® a authentic Ayurvedic manufacturing company in India offers a direct supply of Ayurvedic Medicine and supplements for practitioners, straight from our manufacturing facility to clinics and hospitals, ensuring a 100% quality assurance guarantee.

Deep Ayurveda ® is renowned for providing authentic and result-oriented Ayurvedic products and medicines based on phytochemicals (herb extracts) tailored for Ayurvedic practitioners. Operating from our manufacturing unit in Mohali, we specialize not only in Ayurvedic medicines but also offer an extensive range of personal care and organic products.

If you are a dispensing doctor with your own pharmacy at your clinic or hospital, we welcome you to collaborate with us. Access our entire product range and Ayurvedic medicines at dispensing prices, directly from our manufacturing facility to your clinic or hospital, irrespective of your location worldwide. Our expertise lies in exporting all Ayurvedic products globally, ensuring proper customs clearance and compliance.

Our Commitment to 100% Quality Assurance on Ayurvedic Medicine and Supplements for Practitioners

Founded by Ayurvedic doctors, our manufacturing facilities in India and Australia are committed to ensuring the highest quality Ayurvedic medicines. We understand that quality is paramount for successful Ayurvedic practice. In an industry where unethical practices prevail, we stand firm against adulteration and manipulation of label claims, adhering to every step of Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing.

Following the principles of tridosha balance and supported by proper clinical data, our Ayurvedic medicines and herbal supplements come with a 100% quality assurance. If, for any reason, our product does not meet your expectations, return the unused product to our manufacturing facility, and we will refund your entire payment without any queries.

Key Features of Our Ayurvedic Medicines and Supplements:

  1. Poly herbs formulations made with phytochemicals of medicinal plants and herbs (10:1 extract ratio).
  2. Formulations developed based on the Tridosha balance principle.
  3. 100% vegan products—no hard gelatin derived from non-vegetarian sources.
  4. All formulations tested and trialed in our own clinical practice.
  5. Recognized and awarded for our unwavering commitment to quality assurance.
  6. Every product crafted by a team of Ayurvedic doctors and scientists.
  7. International standard packaging ensuring safety and efficacy.
  8. GMP and USFDA certified manufacturing unit.
  9. Approved and exported to over 16 countries, including Australia, USA, Europe, UAE, and the Middle East.
  10. Each finished product accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and phytochemical analysis.

Embark on a journey with Deep Ayurveda ® to discover the best Ayurvedic medicines and supplements for practitioners’ dispensing needs. Our wide range includes poly herbs vegan capsules, classical Ayurvedic medicines, organic single herb powders, 100% pure essential oils, and personal care products. Additionally, we offer Ayurvedic medicine under private labeling for practitioners and hospitals (MOQ as per third-party manufacturing). Trust Deep Ayurveda for a holistic and reliable Ayurvedic experience.

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Pricing of Ayurvedic Medicines and supplement for Ayurvedic Practitioner 

Pricing of ayurvedic medicine is also a major concern and as per our recent market study there are lot of un-professional and un-authentic ayurvedic company in India who are also offering trade discount on ayurvedic medicine between 60% to 70% which put a big question mark on the quality of ayurvedic medicines in India.  This just is happening just because of adulteration and manipulation with label claim and actual ingredients used in side the medicine. Our drug licensing department and Ayush Ministry doesn’t have the proper system to keep vigilance on these kind of manufacturer and also quality analysis method is also not in placed to identify the efficacy and in formulation of Ayurveda healthcare

But we, Deep Ayurveda offering very attractive & genuine trade discount without compromise with quality & efficacy of ayurvedic medicine, Since we do not appoint any medical representative or sales person into the market and supply directly from factory to clinics and hospital so we are saving that costing and transferring that to our dispensing ayurvedic practitioner and ayurvedic clinic in India.

Another Big Opportunity for Fresher Ayurvedic Practitioner along with Ayurvedic Medicines and supplement 

If you just completed you BAMS or you are old practitioner but doing practice and not doing practice in Ayurveda by any reason or lack of practical knowledge of ayurvedic treatment, But now further want to practice in Ayurveda then there are also ayurvedic opportunity for you to associate with Deep Ayurveda.  Since our mission is to manufacture 100%  authentic and Genuine Ayurveda medicine  and to achieve this mission we offering opportunity for Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner (BAMS doctor) from each district headquarter of each state in India.

Ayurvedic Medicine and supplement for Practitioners
Ayurvedic Medicine

Support for Fresher Ayurvedic Practitioner Opportunity

  • Free Clinical Training in Ayurveda
  • Guidance & Treatment Protocol Support
  • Patient Inquiry/Lead From Company
  • Global Exposure with International shipping support.
  • Certificate of Authorization & Accreditations
  • Complete Range of Ayurvedic Medicine on Practitioner Pricing
  • Health Camp & Seminar Support
  • Dedicated Support for Marketing & Online Promotion
  • National & International Exposure in Ayurveda Healthcare Domain

How you can become DEEP AYURVEDA ® Accredited & Certified  Ayurvedic Doctor Clinic

  • Its very simple, Just signup and and submit your detail
  • Ayurvedic practitioners just have to Invest Rs.10000.00 in ayurveda products stock only.
  • There is no franchise fee or other fee associated with this ayurvedic practitioner opportunity.

If you want to practice  in Ayurveda with full of confident and want to be a part of the ayurvedic practitioner opportunity then fill your application form and apply now.

Ayurvedic Medicine and Product Range