Women Health Care with Ayurveda

Women Health Care Ayurveda

A female is not only the beautiful but also one of the most important creations of god especially for her ability to reproduce. But this blessing sometimes becomes a curse for her on the verge of infertility which is the most disastrous gynecological problem. There are many other gynecological disorders found in women especially after marriage that need to be timely diagnosed & cured to avoid major problems.

 Gynecology is actually “the science of women”, a medical practice that deals in the health of female reproductive systems (vagina, uterus and ovaries) and the breasts. It deals with various women’s complaints like:

  • Gynecological diseases
  • Infertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Contraception, etc.

 The most common symptoms of gynecological disorders include:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Breast pain and lumps

Before going further, few most prevalent myths related to these problems need to be cleared which will not just help in improving the health of females but will also improve the life & status of a female living in orthodox countries or places.

Myth 1 – Growth in height occurs till the age of 25 in both males & females

Fact – Approx. 60-100 ml of blood get removed from the body through menstruation. So, a female definitely require extra nutritional diet at that time to cover up that loss & blood deficiency occurred due to that. But in lack of proper diet, malnutrition occurs, which hampers the body growth. So, extra nutritional diet & proper care need to be provided to females during menstruation so that growth process will continue.

Myth 2 – Blood that sheds in menstruation contains impure blood.

Fact – Menstrual blood is the mixture of blood, endometrium (layer of cells inside the uterine cavity) and unfertilized Ovum which is shed out from the body & helps in the cleansing of uterus cavity. So, it is a detoxification process & very useful for female health.

Myth 3 – Females are not pious during menstruation & not allowed to enter kitchen & to touch utensils.

Fact – The above myth is just an incorrect interpretation of our ancient practices which were made to protect a woman health & not to demotivate her in any way. During menstruation, body cells open up fully to support the ongoing detoxification process & get more prone to even minor infections which she can get by touching unclean utensils or any infected person. So, females were put to special huts prepared for them during menstrual period & trained women were appointed for their take care, therapy & rejuvenation. Fumigation of huts was also done with special herbs like Haldi, Guggul & mustard seeds to kill bacteria & germs present if any. Special diets like soups, khichadi, nutritional diets were given to strengthen the women after detoxification.

Myth 4 – Keep the females away from holy places as she is impure & from pickles as pickle will get ruined as she is impure

Fact – Menstruation is actually a detoxification process which means a female is getting pure at that time. She generates as well as attracts all the positive energy from nearby places. That’s why, if she is allowed in temple, she gets all the positive energy from god’s statues & make them ineffective. Similarly, she gets all the positivity from the pickle jar by touching it & made it more prone to bacterial or germ attack due to which pickle get ruined.

Myth 5 – Sour & cold food items must be avoided during menstruation

Fact – Light & hot food items easily get digested & therefore support the detoxification process. Cool items will need heat from other organs of the body to get digested which will slows down the digestion process & detoxification will get hampered. Sour items are also cool in nature & have same effects. That’s why these foods are avoided during menstrual periods.

Myth 6 – Avoid the application of beauty products during menstruation

Fact – As body cells completely open up during this detoxification process, our skin gets more prone to any sensation or outside infection. So, it is suggested to apply lesser things on skin to protect it & be on safer side. It’ll just improve your beauty & will keep you safe.

We have tried to clear these myths from everybody’s mind to improve the status, respect as well as the health of a woman. Females are more prone to diseases because their body hormones changes very frequently with age as compared to males. From teenage, when menstrual period starts in her & sex hormones start getting active, her body starts developing inside it the qualities to get pregnant till she enters into the age of 40’s when due to menopause, sex hormones become less active, & detoxification gets slower, her body needs special care in regard with good diet & healthy lifestyle to cope up with the hormonal changes effectively.

Various gynecological disorders faced by the females can be:

  • Insufficient or delayed menstrual periods (Amenorrhoea)
  • Painful Menstrual periods ( Dysmenorrhoea )
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Cyst formation in Ovaries, Uterus
  • Uterine Fibroids /polyps ( non – cancerous tumors)
  • Leucorrhea (white discharge)
  • Vaginitis (vaginal itching, dryness & infection )
  • cervix and uterus infections ( including fungal, bacterial, viral, and protozoal)
  • Infertility
  • Uterus & ovarian cancers, Uterus prolapse
  • Abortions
  • Lower back pain

There are many reasons responsible for various gynecological disorders which adversely affect a female health. Some of them are:

  • Improper diet & Improper lifestyle – menstruation is a natural process that is bound to happen & detoxifies our body. At this time, body needs extra nutritious diet to cover up the loss of blood from the body. Otherwise it weakens the whole body functioning. But present unhealthy dietary habits of people create many disorders. Especially females getting more beauty conscious but not at all health conscious. They are not even taking the minimum diet required for proper body functioning in order to get zero figures. This makes her very weak from inside, produce stress and more prone to infection or diseases. Late night sleeps due to extra work or more inclusion in TV & mobiles & contributed to these problems to a great extent. Lesser the physical work she will be doing, weaker will be her pelvic muscles which are very important in her reproductive system.
  • Availability of poor quality milk & milk products – There is an emergency cell, oxytocin which is produced in females during delivery for milk production. But these days, she is getting this hormone on daily basis through bad sources of milk which is extracted from cows & buffaloes forcibly through injections & chemical medications. Excess of this hormone causes contraction of uterus which causes distress in an unborn baby. It also causes nausea & slow heart rate in the mother & serious diseases like water intoxification, allergies & uterus rupture.
  • Nuclear families – concept of nuclear families is very common these days which is indirectly affecting the health of females in a negative way. Earlier grandparents were there to take care of the children & many other things. But now sole responsibility of everything is on the females, specially working ladies. Due to huge burden, poor sleep, stress & malnutrition, ladies are getting weaker & most likely suffer from any kind of gynecological problem.
  • Self medication – More the females are getting educated, more likely they start doing self medication by just checking on the internet or by consulting a normal physician instead of a good gynecologist. These medicines create toxin inside the body & causes hormonal disorders. This need to be avoided & timely diagnose & treatment need to be done from a good gynecologist as delay in these cases can leads to permanent infertility & even cancer.
  • Lifestyle related diseases – Auto-immune diseases like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, & obesity are very common these days that leads to the hormonal imbalance & weakness inside the body which makes a female body more prone to gynecological disease. Too much stress, Lack of exercise & less physical activeness are the basic causes of above auto immune diseases.
  • Society issues – People are very conscious about the issues related to their girl child. They feel very shy in consulting a gynecologist due to society fear as why a young or unmarried girl needs a gynecologist. Is she involve in some wrong practices or Is she infertile? Even married ladies also have same fear. We must ignore the society & must consult a good gynecologist as soon as we face some related health issues or symptoms as delay in these things can lead to disastrous problems like infertility & cancer.
  • Indian Superstitions – various myths & superstitions related to female problems prevalent in India & some other countries even among educated people like infertility is due to the influence of some bad natural power etc. are killing the women from inside. She is facing worst behavior & delayed treatment due to this which only increase her problem.
  • Lack of proper sex education – Often we feel to avoid any kind of sex related discussions in front of our younger ones. But children have the mentality to get more curious about unknown or a hidden thing. It is better to give them this knowledge through right sources by including in syllabus & at home so that they can’t get it from wrong sources & can maintain hygiene & take necessary precautions at later stage.
  • Unavailability of female gynecologists – this is a big issue as females often feel shy & uncomfortable in sharing these problems with a male physician.
  • Excessive use of sex related medication – Excessive stress, lack of hygiene & poor lifestyle impacts the body hormones in both male & female. It cause various sex related issues & people start taking chemical drugs/ medicines to enhance stamina & to improve their sex life but these drugs makes sex organs weaker with time & often leads to infections, STIs, & even permanent damage to that organ. One should try to improve the lifestyle & take advice from good gynecologist to avoid these issues.
  • Excessive use of beauty products – use of chemical prone beauty products has increased too much in almost every female of every age is
  • Bad treatment procedures – with technology advancement, treatment procedures are becoming fast & easier but more unhygienic & unhealthy. Chemical prone surgery procedures, breast implantation, more cesarean deliveries than normal are harmful our body. For one time benefit, a female must not sacrifice with her internal body functioning & health.
  • Male dominated society – Take care of males in everything from meals to education is always better than females in most of the families by considering her as just a home maker. Female is rarely allowed to play in open areas to avoid any mishappening. This all is making her unhealthy & hampering her growth both from inside & outside.
  • Climate change – more pollution & urea prone food articles have also contributed to this problem by disturbing the health & functioning of body hormones.

We can conclude from the above that the root cause of almost all the female related problems is basically the hormonal problem or imbalance. She must take all necessary steps to remain healthy & to make the body hormones stronger & healthier. Following things must be kept in mind to prevent gynecological problems:

  • Proper diet – we must understand that a female needs more nutritional diet than a male due to extra requirement of blood in her body to remain healthy during menstrual periods. Also, she will not get the good figure by skipping meals but by taking correct & nutritional meals at regular intervals as she has to perform the dual responsibility of a homemaker as well as of a professional. She must remain physically active by yoga or workouts.
  • Healthy lifestyle – Female as a natural human being must follow biological clocks for timely sleeping, eating & everything. Too much stress & responsibilities must be avoided by sharing it with closed ones. Males must also take good care of the females. Due to menopause, detoxification process slows down in women after 40’s, which causes disturbance in body functioning. At that time, healthy lifestyle is very much required.
  • Pollution reduction – Polluted air, water & food have created so many health problems & females are prone to it as their hormones are more sensitive as compared to males. So, proper care must be taken to reduce pollution as much as possible.
  • Good rear up of children – In Indian male dominated society, a change is very much required which starts from the good rear up of a child. Boys must know that in the era of nuclear families, they need to share some responsibilities with their wives at home in future. Mutual contribution is must for a good & healthy family.
  • Herbal treatment – As female related problems are more due to hormonal disorders. So, chemical prone medication makes them weaker & prone to infection & diseases. Herbal treatment must get preference as much as possible in case of females. There are many good herbs in Ayurveda like Ashoka chaal, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Lodhra, Amla, Haldi, Manjistha, Neem etc. which not just do the internal healing of women but also increase their beauty by giving nourishment & nutrients to skin & body.
  • Proper sex education – Government must instruct educational institutes to include proper sex education in syllabus at right levels so that youngsters must know these things from right sources in spite of getting it from unauthenticated or bad sources (internet, vedios, megazines). It will help a lot in betterment of society also.
  • Guidance from seniors – Indian parents & grandparents still have the mentality to avoid even a minor discussion about these things especially with their girl child. But they must know that if a child or a youngster both male & female will not right guidance from home, they’ll acquire it from outside. Male child must be guided to maintain the hygiene of him along with his wife which is very essential.
  • Social inclusion – excessive use of computers & mobiles have made the hormones weak & infectious. It’s better to have friends but a human is a social animal & personal interactions are very necessary to be happy & healthy. Social gathering are essential to keep yourself healthy both physically & mentally.
  • Timely treatment – Gynecological problems needs to be timely diagnosed for treatment before they become more serious or even incurable. Ayurveda has the remedy for almost all gynecological problems but initiative must be required from the patient as chemical treatment will just give the temporary results & will also have serious side effects.
  • Control on Superstitions – we must not blindly follow our old traditions without thinking of its bad consequences on the self-respect & hygiene of a woman. All Indian traditions have some scientific reason behind it which needs to be checked & apply in its correct way.
  • Check on gender bias – big irony is that even after getting highly educated, male child always gets a preference in everything whether education, meals or other areas. Gender check before birth to have just male child is a sin & we must accept it.

Ayurevdic Treatment at Deep Ayurveda for various Gynecological problems or disorders :

Age plays a big role in the hormonal change in a female. After entering into a teenage when menstruation procedure starts, a female body faces many hormonal changes & changes in specific body organs also which sometimes creates health issues if proper care is not given to body at that time. So, Ayurveda has some precious herbs which helps to balance the hormones, tones the uterus, nourishes the skin & helps in increases beauty of a female. In total, these herbs keep the body in harmony.

For various gynecological diseases, we have many  potent  medicine & classical formulations not just to prevent & cure these problems but for the complete internal healing of the body.

Special herbal formulations for women health support formulated and manufactured only by Deep Ayurevda with proper back up of clinical trial and research at own clinics and hospitals:

  • Leucorid Herbal Capsule & Syrup
  • Vigora-F Herbal Capsule
  • Ayurvit Multivitamin Capsules
  • Nervocare Capsules.

Some other classical medicines like

  • Chanderprabha Vatti
  • Kanchnaar Guggal
  • Ashokarishta
  • Dashmoolarishta

Approx. 99% of the gynecological problems are curable except a very few like serious cancers or tumors. Various Panchkarma therapies are also available at our panchkarma center in chandigarh like:

  • Abhyangam (Full Body Massage With Medicated Oil)
  • Shirodhara
  • Virechan
  • Udhvartan
  • Vasti (Enema Therapy)

Recognizing symptoms early and seeing a physician right away increases the likelihood of successful treatment, A female, a healthy & strong female is the base of a family & whole society and she needs proper take care, respect & support from her husband & family to serve better in return as you can’t serve with an empty vessel.

For more detail or  advice on women health problem write to Dr. Baldeep Kour at : drbaldeep@deepayurveda.com

Article Author : Dr. Baldeep Kour- Medical Director & Co-Founder of Deep Ayurevda & Editor in Chief of Ayurveda Magazine-  “AYURVEDA FOR HEALTHY LIVING”  first ayurveda monthly magazine Publishing from Chandigarh.

Statutory warningSelf medication can be very dangerous. Always use ayurvedic medicine under the strict supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

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