Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction

Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction Vajayu Vajikaran Capsule – According to   a study 52% of men are prone to erectile dysfunction and many of these cases are not even reported. People prefer not to visit a doctor since they are shy about this problem and prefer keeping it to themselves.

Our country people already believe in lots of social beliefs and they are not so open about their private life and that’s the reason many of us face personal issues and nobody can be of any help.

It is highly appreciable of the bollywood movies who are trying to bring a change by focusing more on the social topics and making films on them as well as the government campaigns focusing on these delicate topics to help people talk more about them and hence help them in living a healthy life.

50% of men above the age of 40 are prone to erectile dysfunction in India. And India is even termed as “the Impotence capital of the world”.

Of course, it is nothing to be ashamed of and instead should be taken care of well by visiting a doctor on time and particularly getting yourself medicated. But the people living in the villages would go to an hakim in case but not visit an expert who can in reality take care of their problem.

It is studied that stress and other mental health concerns can cause erectile dysfunction. Since man arousal is a process involving the contribution of the main organ like the brain. Hormones and emotions also play a role in it. If any of these stops working well or any issue arises in any of them then the man can have erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

 In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical stresses and here is the list of all the physical disorders which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

best ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction

  1. Heart diseases, if you have any can be the cause of erectile dysfunction.
  2. Clogged blood vessels can stop the blood to flow uninterruptedly and causing erectile dysfunction.
  3. High cholesterol can be another problem, should avoid consuming fatty foods.
  4. High blood pressure is also a cause and should be treated appropriately.
  5. Diabetes is known to cause erectile dysfunction in many cases and you should treat diabetes on time if you know it’s genetic.
  6. Obesity is a big factor, you should try losing weight.
  7. Certain prescription medications can produce such serious side effects
  8. Excessive use of tobacco can be the major cause. Stop smoking!
  9. Drinking excess alcohol and exploitation of other substances
  10. Sleep disorders can be a problem and you should sleep properly for 7 to 8 hours to help your body heal.
  11. Stress, depression and other mental conditions can even worsen the condition and can be the cause as well
  12. Age can also be a factor, as you start aging you are more prone to erectile dysfunction if lack of proper diet or some physical condition arises. Consume healthy diet and work out daily to live better.

It is surveyed that people with severe health issues like diabetes, heart problems and drugs abuse can be the major cause erectile dysfunction. Even radiation treatment done for cancer can be the factor.

Physical injuries or damaged nerves or arteries can be the reason as well as they are known to control erections.

Erectile dysfunction can be stressful!

It won’t let you enjoy a good sexual life; it can further add to the stress and make you anxious. A feeling of embarrassment and even discomfort can cause relationship problems even as you will start ignoring the people and try to live isolated.
And the inability to make your woman pregnant can make you feel different and sad as well.
But you don’t need to worry as the Ayurvedic science can help you completely.
Herbs and Ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction cant treat and help you live a normal life.


Vajayu Vajikaran Capsule

Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction:

Ayurveda believes in managing the disease naturally and focusing on overall good health because good health can help you maintain the balance between doshas and help you live healthy. It can in fact help you in treating this awkward disease and live normally.

  1. Ashwagandha is a very good herb to cure erectile dysfunction as it is known to boost the immunity and reduce stress as well. Try to add this amazing herb to your daily schedule.
  2. Vajayu Vajikaran Capsule is also available to manage erectile dysfunction.
  3. Vigora-M oil/Sanda oil can be used to massage the area and hence it can help you tackle erectile dysfunction. This oil is known to prove beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction.
  4. Tribulus and Musli are also known to have wonderful effects in treating sexual problems. Various Ayurvedic medicines are prepared using the two.

Precaution for Erectile Dysfunction:

  1. If you have any genetic problems like diabetes, get yourself checked.
  2. Check for any chronic diseases if you have any. Treat them ASAP!
  3. Regular checkups to an Ayurvedic consultant or expert is recommended
  4. Regularly exercising is mandatory, you can denote some amount of your time to love yourself and trust me nothing is better than working out daily.
  5. Do yoga for 10-15 minutes a day to help blood to flow better through your body
  6. Reduce stress; start meditating for at least 30 minutes a day to start with.
  7. Eat healthy and sleep well for 7 hours at least.
  8. Include the following foods in your diet, such as dairy products, almonds, ghee, nuts and honey. You can add these to your meals.

There are various procedures which can entirely help you heal but it is important to understand the most effective treatment can only be suggested by the Ayurvedic expert or doctor who can understand your problem and guide accordingly.

Vigora-m Ayurvedic oil is recommended by almost every Ayurvedic expert as this oil has essential herbs which are known to treat sexual problems in men. Vigora-m capsule and oil is a best ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction.

Mostly awkward, mostly weird when talked about! This is a serious condition which needs attention in order to live a healthy life. Ayurveda can do some magic for sure, it is highly recommended to visit an expert ASAP!!

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