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Blood Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment

Blood Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment – India ranks third in the number of patients with blood cancer after the United States of America and China. More than 80,000 Indians are affected every year with blood cancer. It is a serious issue and requires great attention since it’s the major cause of death in India. There is an increasing apprehension about cancer in the health sector and blood cancer specifically. Blood cancer rate is growing and it’s a major cancer!!

While a great research is already been done on cancer and till now, due to lack of knowledge among people, many cases are still not registered. People do not prefer to get checked and treat themselves, either it’s due to the lack of resources available to them or it’s the ignorance. And hence, the mortality rate is increasing!

Cancer treatment can be costly and it’s not affordable by many but you can switch to a better version of treatment that is, the blood cancer ayurvedic treatment.

Though there is a wide range of treatments available now to deal with this alarming health issue but Ayurveda has always been on the top since it is known to produce no side effects and helping you lead a healthy life. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can heal you but can add up a lot more diseases in return.

Blood cancer ayurvedic treatment is available which can be really effective and can tackle the cancer.


Blood Cancer

Cancer is the unstoppable growth of cells and when blood cell type become cancerous, it’s termed as blood cancer. Leukemia is the other name for blood cancer. More than 10K Leukemia cases are reported in India and usually 80% of them are children. Childhood leukemia is very common and is life-threatening.

Patients suffering from blood cancer require bone marrow transplantation to survive and lead a healthy life. But people skip transplants in many cases due to the lack of proper knowledge and even to due to its post operative consequences.

Blood cancer types can be majorly divided into two categories. One can be Acute Myelocytic Leukemia and other can be Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia. Leukemia can be fatal if not taken care of on time.


Causes of Blood Cancer:

Though blood cancer can be caused by many factors, following are the certain factors which can contribute to blood cancer

  1. Age is an important factor as children below 14 years of age are mostly affected by Leukemia.
  2. Cigarette smoking or tobacco can be another factor leading to cancer because they make your immune system weak and can be responsible for the damage.
  3. Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous and is another factor causing cancer.
  4. Radiations and dangerous chemicals both of them can be the cause of cancer.
  5. Genetics are another important factor in developing a disease.
  6. Unhealthy life is a major factor.
  7. Stress and anxiety unbalances our system.
  8. Eating unhealthy and all fatty food can be the cause as well.
  9. Certain allergies can be the triggering factor even.

Symptoms of Blood Cancer:

  1. Anemia is the first possible symptom.
  2. Fatigue, tiredness and weakness are commonly experienced.
  3. Pale skin, yellowing of eyes is often observed.
  4. Clotting of blood is delayed hence blood loss is more.
  5. Bowel movements are disturbed
  6. Gums bleed often.
  7. Bruises.

Blood Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment:

Blood Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment – Cancer can be managed by Ayurveda and it can really aid in killing this dangerous disease entirely. Though chemotherapy can actually help but it can also cause a lot of side effects. Ayurveda on the other hand, is totally natural which produces no side effects at all. It helps you to rejuvenate and live a healthy life. It can remove the toxicity from your body and help in manage cancer. Ayurveda also regulates the metabolism in the body and aids in treating cancer.

At Deep Ayurveda, we believe in treating cancer, exclusively medicines are prepared in such a way that they can target the cancer cells particularly and cause no harm or damage to the non-cancer cells.

Anti-cancerous treatment is a wellness package which has proven results. No artificial colors or flavoring agents are added to these medications, they are GMP verified and are produced after extreme research and clinical trials to nullify all the side effects and prepare a magical pack of medicines which can not only manage the disease from its roots but also boost your immune system to live a healthy life physically as well as mentally.

List of medicines available at Deep Ayurveda are:

  1. Livclear Herbal Capsule – Natural supplement that is known to reduce the inflammation in the liver, also a detoxifier which not only is anti-inflammatory in nature but also stimulates the immune system. Hence can aid in renewing your cells.
  2. Giloy Capsules – This herbal medication can maintain a balance between the doshas, boost your immune system thus helps in preventing illness and maintaining overall health.
  3. WheatGrass Capsule – Rich in anti-oxidants and high in nutrients, this herb can fight infections, inflammations and also known to kill the cancer cells potentially.
  4. Ayurvit Capsule – Contains all the essential minerals, vitamins necessary for your body to fight diseases. It is also known to support the immune system and help you live a healthy life.
  5. Nervocare Capsule – It stimulates your brain functions, enhances your memory, and also can help in dealing with anxiety and depression. It can aid in relieving stress, as well.
  6. Herbal Powder formulation – This blend of different herbs is a perfect formulation created to boost the immunity, enhance the growth of new cells, fight diseases and also, known to reduce the inflammation.

Diet in Leukemia:

 Apart from medical treatment, it is always advised to follow a healthy diet as well. The diet of Leukemia should be as stated below.

  1. Coconut water must be drunk daily.
  2. Almonds and walnuts should be consumed but moderately.
  3. Avoid eating spicy food.
  4. Oranges, lemon can irritate your stomach so, avoid them.
  5. Fatty foods should be avoided.
  6. Pure vegetable soup is recommended.
  7. Pure desi ghee should be added to the foods.
  8. Apple juice is good.
  9. Healthy vegetables like bottle gourds, round gourds are advisable.
  10. Vegetarian diet is preferable, avoid non-vegetarian foods.
  11. Rice can be skipped and wheat can be added.
  12. Alcohol should be avoided at any cost.

For more detail on Blood Cancer Ayurvedic treatment, please visit our nearest clinic or if you want to consult with our Chief Ayurveda Consultant & Founder – Dr.Baldeep Kour then write with detail history at info@deepayurveda.com

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