Depression Causes, Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Depression

Natural Remedies for Depression:

More people these days are suffering from depression of-course the depression can be due to various reasons but working people are more prone to depression, Students too can face this sort of condition, teenagers who are not confident or any bad childhood memory can be one of the reasons. There are numerous reasons which can cause depression, inability to achieve something, lack of love in life, business losses, bankruptcy, medical condition, etc can be the reasons which can make someone depressed and it can be life-threatening as well because these people tend to overthink and when things don’t fall according to them they try to end things up! But, Ayurveda helps to decrease your depression (Natural Remedies for Depression).

Yes, this sort of medical condition is very difficult to handle as you are filled with negativity and all hope is lost. Dealing with these people can be really complicated as well, but you can always try to be polite and loving. It is true that love can make all things right, try to be good to these people and help them grow as they are vulnerable and are almost open to anything.


There are various medications that help to manage depression but these can bring a lot of side effects as well and give rise to various other diseases and thus should not be considered. It is best to go for the natural treatment and make yourself strong again to fight any damn situation in life.ayurveda can help you a lot to handle this situation.

There is a separate branch of Ayurveda called bhootvidya in which there is mentioned so many herbs and herbal formulations to manage mental ailments. Ayurvedic treatment for depression is available widely and can actually, help you get rid of this medical condition permanently that too without side effects and can help you live a normal life.

You can consult an ayurvedic expert as soon as possible if you think you or your loved ones are dealing with this sort of situation, as Ayurveda is the blend of natural ingredients, it has no side effect and can heal you completely. Ayurvedic treatment believes in curing one’s condition of its roots, thus there is no possibility of re-appearance of such condition.

Fight depression by standing tall against it; don’t let any stress rule you, treat yourself today! It is completely fine to visit an expert if you believe you are depressed, many situations in life can take us to places we don’t ever wish to be at, so it’s fine!

Types of Depression:

Depression is any condition or a couple of them causing mood swings, that is making you feel low, stressed, loss of interest even in things which made you happy once!

There are different types of depression, read below to know about them.

  1. Clinical Depression – if a person loses interest in activities which used to make him happy once can be a condition of clinical depression. In this medical condition, the patient is unable to perform the daily activities and thus, a hindrance in living normally and independently.
  2. Bipolar Depression – in this medical condition, the patient can have various mood swings but can also act like a maniac at times.
  3. Postnatal Depression – if the depression is prevailing after the birth of a child, this is termed as postnatal depression.
  4. Persistent Depression Disorder – this medical condition prevails for a long time even a life’s time.
  5. Seasonal Affective Disorder – in this type of depression, one is completely normal in the spring season but can face depression, weight gain, and sleepiness in the winter season.

Symptoms of Depression:

Every day can be tough to spend if you are depressed, life can seem boring to you, even thoughts of committing suicide can be felt. Here are some of the symptoms of depression which are very common and if you believe you have any of these, visit an ayurvedic expert soon.

  1. Mood swings- loss of hope, no interest in doing things or activities which once made you feel glad. Guilty, regrets, anxiety are some other reasons for mood swings.
  2. Sleep – either insomnia or excessive sleeping. Insomnia because you overthink situations and excessive sleeping, on the other hand, to run away from reality.
  3. Weight gains or excess loss of weight.
  4. Lack of focus, inability to concentrate.
  5. Loss of appetite.
  6. Fatigue.
  7. Socially isolating yourself
  8. Thoughts of committing suicide.
  9. Sadness, overthinking and crying.
  10. Unable to talk, express yourself to others.

Causes of Depression:

There is no direct cause of depression, it can be caused due to almost any reason and can be fatal if not treated.

Here are some of the causes of depression, try to avoid these.

  1. An encounter of emotional, physical or sexual abuse in one’s life can be one of the biggest causes of depression.
  2. Medications such as isotretinoin which are used to treat severe acne can make you depressed.
  3. Conflicts with family or friends, believing that nobody loves you.
  4. The sudden death of someone close to you.
  5. Genetics also plays a role, if there is a case of depression in your family then you are at a higher risk.
  6. Taking everything too seriously can make you depressed as well.
  7. Physical inability or any physical disorder which doesn’t allow you to walk or move freely can be a cause as well.
  8. Socially awkward or lack of confidence can be the cause.
  9. Consumption of alcohol at an early stage of life can make you vulnerable in life.
  10. Smoking, consuming drugs can make you mentally weak and hence you are unable to make important or right decisions in life.

Natural Remedies for Depression:Consult with Doctor

Depression can be treated completely by taking proper care. Here are some of the herbs which are a blessing for you; they can completely heal you and treat depression as well.

  1. Brahmi can help you to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression.
  2. Ashwagandha can restore your mind and help you focus well. It also helps you to concentrate on and relieves stress and anxiety.
  3. Jatamansi can help you to fight insomnia and is also an anti-stress and anti-depressant herb.
  4. Pudina is known to keep you cool and calm. This is an amazing herb that can refresh your mind and body.
  5. Sarpagandha helps to relax the mind and thus rejuvenated brain cells.

Here are Some of the Tips & Natural Remedies for Depression:

  1. Consume a healthy diet.
  2. Sleep properly.
  3. Don’t overthink situations, go with the flow.
  4. Yoga, meditation, physical exercises can help.
  5. Can do some hobby work.
  6. Can do a nice nature walk in greenery.


A good healthy diet can help you even fight a depression-like condition. It is very important to consume Natural Remedies for Depression which can naturally elevate your mood and make you feel happy and satisfied. Try adding these foods to your meals to conquer depression and live happily.

  1. Nuts, seeds, vegetable oils are a great source of vitamin e and these are really effective, add them to your diet daily.
  2. Broccoli, carrots, spinach are rich in beta-carotene, add these to your foods as well.
  3. Oranges, kiwi, peppers, tomatoes are rich in vitamin c and are known to elevate your mood.
  4. Protein-rich foods are compulsory to help your body repair, add chicken, tuna or meat to your diet.
  5. Low-fat dairy is also good for you.
  6. Consume a lot of water.
  7. Legumes are a better option if you are a non-vegetarian.
  8. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a blessing for you.
  9. Avoid alcohol completely.
  10. Don’t smoke cigarettes.

Depression can be tough to deal with, people suffering from depression tend to move away from others, start living an isolated life and can even end their lives. It is best to help these people, start by taking them to an ayurvedic expert and also, by helping them in following a healthy lifestyle.

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