To achieve our mission and objective to provide authentic and affordable ayurvedic treatment and preventive care to every home all over the world, DEEP AYURVEDA appointed its ayurvedic authorized reseller in Nigeria.This Ayurvedic Wellness Centre  is running by Dr. Lynn Goon who is certified, and trained wellness associate by Deep Ayurveda and She is working under the kind guidance of DEEP AYURVEDA experts.

About our Authorized Reseller

Ayurveda Store in Nigeria

Dr. Lynn Ashiekaa is a Professional in holistic  Ayurvedic health practice, she’s also a certified massage therapist, a motivational health speaker and Nutritionist. She is our authorized reseller for Ayurveda  Store in Nigeria and to promote authentic Ayurveda wellness at every home in Nigeria for better health for well being. You can contact her for ayurvedic health consulatation or  purchasing Deep Ayurveda Products in Nigeria. Herbal Remedies, Ayurvedic Products and Nutritional Supplements as a reliable ayurvedic distributor of our products in Nigeria.

She is well tranined and certified ayruvedic wellness associate of Deep Ayurveda India in Nigeria and She is authorised reseller to promote authentic ayurvedic prodicts in Niegria on behalf of Deep Ayurveda India.


Services at Deep Ayurveda Store in Nigeria

Our Ayurveda Store in Nigeria providing best ayurvedic supplements and treatment for chronic disease like psoriasis, arthritis treatment, hypertension, respiratory related disease, liver and kidney failure, male & female infertility, brain disorder, ayurvedic treatment for motor neuron disorder, digestion related health issues, constipation , sugar, BP, Blood Pressure, Piles Treatment, cancer treatment, weight management treatment, kidney stone, gall bladder stone, hair fall related problems, varicose veins treatment, skin allergy and other health related problems.

Today, We proud to be well known & leading ayurvedic manufacturer & exporter for authentic Ayurveda medicine and herbal products. Our ayurvedic production unit is GMP certified & also in compliance with USFDA regulations & guidelines to meet international quality standards. Every product has been manufacturing after a long clinical trial and research in our clinics and hospital through out the world. Our Manufacturing unit is sponsored by KVIC – Govt of India. Today we manufacturing more than 250 herbal & OTC organic products for wellness & chronic disease’s treatment. Main reason of our quality and efficacy assurance that  being a ayurvedic manufacturer every ayurvedic medicine and products formulated only after the actual trails on thousands of customer and patients at our clinics and secondly we are using best quality herbs and never believe to make any alteration in ingredients which is mentioned on product label as per the approval of drug licensing authority ( Ayush Department of India) 

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

We believe in total quality management and total quality compliance, Our all products are validated by renowned lab and also following phytochemical analysis procedure to ensure raw herbs material’s quality and efficacy.

Our Expertise and Product’s USP

  • Best Quality Herbs used in each Formulations.
  • Exact Quantity of each ingredients as mentioned on label.
  • Using higher concentrated extracts in each formulation.
  • Manufacturing under hygienic conditions as per GMP norms.
  • Every product is launched only after clinical trial & research work.
  • Every ayurvedic capsule made with 100% vegetarian capsule shell.

We Promise

  • No Animal Testing
  • No Chemical, No Synesthetic Color or Flavor,



Ayurvedic Online consultation by certified  & experienced Ayurveda Doctor


We are offering authentic and classical ayurvedic treatment for all type of disease


Wide range of authentic ayurvedic products and pure organic herbal supplement for daily usage



    Really great experience with Deep Ayurveda. Quality 100% authentic as they always committing and result of ayurvedic medicines are also very awesome. I personally recommend to all if they are looking alternative treatment for their life style related disorders.  (and the support is amazing as well!:)

    Joseph / Austrailia

    Ayurveda having a great potential to manage our day-to-day health related challenges and i learned when i visited to Deep Ayurveda-Hobart Branch, It was amazing experience and now i am enjoying my life disease free. I always follow the strict guideline as recommended by the Ayurveda doctor. THANKS!

    Edward / Hobart

    I was suffering with  Irritable Bowl Syndrome and tried so many different medication since last 6 years, But there is no relief then i heard about Deep Ayurveda and visited their Chandigarh Branch. Now Thank God I choose right place to treat my problem.. Really Genuine & authentic treatment with holistic approach!!

    R.Shridharan / Bangalore

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    Here is latest update on ayurveda health and wellness sharing by the team of Ayurveda experts of DEEP AYURVEDA

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