Conquering Diabetes With Natural/Ayurvedic Way

ayurvedic treatment for diabetes

Diabetes is a disease caused when the blood glucose which is also known as the blood sugar rises to a level which is too high, normal blood sugar is considered to be less than 100 mg/dL when it’s the case of fasting and after one or more hours of eating, normal blood sugar is considered to be less than 140 mg/dL. All the food we eat is converted to a simpler form known as glucose which is used for our body to attain energy. Pancreas secretes a hormone known as Insulin, which helps the formed glucose to be absorbed by the body cells and thus our body fulfills its energy needs. Conquering diabetes naturally is a difficult task but you can if you have a strong determination. So, let’s tackle it naturally in an Ayurvedic way. Here we are going to discuss about the ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in detail.

Maintaining a normal blood sugar level can be difficult to achieve if it’s genetic but you can always try and focus on a healthy daily routine to live a healthy life. It’s the routine that matters and that’s what can help you live happily. Eating nutritious food, doing regular exercises and sleeping properly all contribute to a good life.

A healthy diet consisting of some fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low fat and dairy products can certainly help. Cut all the veggies and fruits in a bowl and add some salt with pepper to make a lovely salad for lunch..! What’s better than having a freshly grown bunch of fruits and vegetables bowl for lunch, I don’t think anything is above that. A healthy and balanced diet is the key after all.

Steamed vegetables or sauteed ones are the other options as well, if you don’t like eating raw food. There are numerous ways to make your food look and taste well. It just depend on how you figure out the best way for yourself.

Also, it’s important to realize that fatty foods, starchy foods, meats and even dairy products are some of the few that should be avoided if you have diabetes. A first-class healthy natural diet is significant to maintain the blood glucose levels which is otherwise very complicated to control.

You can always say no to those greasy fatty food, fast foods and even processed foods which have a lot ofsugar in them. It’s the right choice that you need to make in order to live blissfully and healthily.


diabetes ayurvedic treatment Glycemic Index (GI) :-

  • Glycemic Index (GI) – The Glycemic Index is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels.
  • Low Glycemic Index foods like whole oats which can be digested more gradually, prompting a more steady increase in blood sugar.
  • Low-glycemic foods have a score of 55 or less, and foods rated 70-100 are considered high-glycemic foods. Medium-level foods have a glycemic index of 56-69.
  • Ingestion of foods with a low GI can support people with diabetes in controlling their blood glucose levels. In taking moderate amounts of low GI carbohydrate foods regularly over the day will help you maintain consistent blood glucose levels.

It is understandable that when you are packed for the day, you don’t have time to switch to healthier meals and instead you end up ordering foods that are easier to grab, that is the fast foods and snacks. I believe this is the only bad habit, an office lifestyle can add to our daily routines. But you still have an option, you can pack your foods from home, I get it it’s not effortless to manage all this and nobody has the time to do so, but you can always skip those chit chats you do on the social networking sites and as an alternative pack yourself some wholesome foods for office.

Even if you are a college-going student, you can pack the goodness in a tiffin box and carry along.

And never forget a natural diet can make you look gorgeous as well. Why spend on those make up stuff when you can get an excellent glowing skin from within by just eating right.

best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes

A simple example is consuming some fresh fruits, steamed veggies and a few nuts as snacks which can conquer diabetes naturally. Don’t stop yourself at the restaurant that says get free fries with a cheesy burger because then you can just harm yourself and nothing else. Those few seconds of happiness are just long term troubles.

Losing those extra pounds you have is also important, though a good figure is what everyone craves for but it’s not just the mere physical look that matters but the inside health is also important and you definitely can see the difference.

Working out daily is crucial, go for a walk in the morning as well as the evening. Doing some yoga can help you a lot as well. Yoga can be the first thing you do in the morning, breathing fresh air and relaxing with a meditation afterwards is like touching your soul and to be precise, a vigorous soul is the goal.

Regular physical exercises can help keep up the blood glucose levels by contracting muscles that is pushing the glucose from the blood into the cells, hence maintain the blood glucose levels.

Do keep a check on your body weight, sudden changes should be noticed if you observe any and immediately check with your physician.

In addition, sleeping properly which means resting is the essential factor, you need to give your body a moment or two to relax and heal naturally. 8 hours of beauty sleep is not possible everyday but then try to sleep for 7 long hours at least. Proper sleep cycles even play an important role in your health.

Apart from the high-quality healthy diet, consuming some naturally made ayurvedic medicines can also manage diabetes. Ayurveda is the traditional Indian healthcare system which has been used since ages to conquer diabetes naturally. It is believed that nature has the secret ingredients which can heal us from within and ultimately help us to fight the diseases.

Here are some of the natural ingredients which are greatly used in the ayurvedic medicines to resolve diabetes naturally.

Ivy gourd (Coccinia indica)

It has been used since ages now, this anti-diabetic agent works wonder by regulating the breakdown of starch as it helps to avert a sudden rush of blood sugar after consuming carbohydrates. It could also guard the essential organs from the undesirable effect of high blood sugar level.

Neem (Azadirachta indica)

These not so tasty and so bitter leaves and seeds of Azadirachta indica or the neem plant is advantageous for diabetes patients. It can be used or consumed as such or can be combined with other anti-diabetes Ayurvedic herbs for improving glucose tolerance.

Mulberry (Morus indica)

Morus indica leaves are suggested highly by Ayurveda specialists for lowering the blood sugar level. Experimental studies have concluded that daily intake of Morus indica leaves for at least fifteen days could help in reducing the blood sugar levels by upto 38%.

Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia)

The anti-diabetic effect of Momordica charantia or bitter gourd is well documented and experimented in the history. Your grandma must have been including bitter gourd in their meals once a week. It is extensively used as a medicine in ayurvedic treatment for diabetes. It helps to increase insulin secretion by improving the functions of the beta cells of the pancreas.

Black plum (Eugenia jambolana)

The fruit and seeds of Eugenia jambolana could significantly decrease the blood sugar level in diabetic patients. It stimulates the secretion of insulin. It could also reduce the risk of kidney dysfunction in patients suffering from diabetes. Moreover, intake of Eugenic jambolana seed extract helps to speed up the wound healing process in diabetics, which is otherwise too slow.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum)

Trigonella foenum or fenugreek seeds help to reduce insulin resistance indiabetes mellitus patients. Clinical trials have been conducted with fenugreek seed extract which suggests that regular consumption of about 1gm of fenugreek seed extracts could significantly reduce the blood glucose level within two months, if consumed timely.

Gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre)

Gurmar supports the pancreas and stimulates insulin production. It also helps to maintain the healthy metabolic activities of liver, kidney and spleen. It is also a primary ayurvedic medicine for diabetes as per Ayurveda.

Amla (Embilica officinalis)

Indian gooseberry helps to keep the blood sugar levels under the normal limit. It is a rejuvenator (Rasayan) that helps to rejuvenate the cells of pancreas. And also brings equilibrium in tridoshas. Amla is considered as the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes and even to revitalize the organs.

These natural ingredients which are provided to us by the nature are so useful and so highly recommended since these can tackle the diseases and cause little to no side effects, that is a healing us from within and these ingredients can be grown in the kitchen gardens if you have any, if not then these can be bought on regular basis since these are not that costly as compared to the allopathic medicines which are expensive as well as cause a number of side effects to us. And these natural ingredients are endless, as many of them are already being used since ages but yet there are an infinite number of them which still need to be exploited. It is the approach that matters, that how willing are you to take these medicines to heal yourself.